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Bonnie’s Laurie Allen Tribute



The Last CD’s


Music produced @ Wasteland Studios





The Cowboy Album by Laurie Allen…….      Produced @ Wasteland Music Services    2010

The Cowboy Album is  a set of 37 songs of unfinished work by Laurie Allen.  Music remixed  in the Wasteland Studios. This is the music Laurie wanted to put to cd as a tribute to his favourite music, but he lost control of the masters  and never got to finish them.

Enter Warren Keats, on Electric Guitars, Keyboards, Mandolin, Drums, Dobro, Del Veccio, Acoustic Guitars, backing Vocals, Recording Engineer.

Les Gough on Electric Bass, and Dave Moore on Pedal Steel. With some of the original music  by Peter Hayes and Harold Frith.

This CD is not for sale, it was  finished as a gift to Laurie and to his fans…

Music has been uploaded to  Youtube…    and on Reverbnation

Copies have been sent to  selected music presenters and has been archived by the National Library so Laurie’s music will go on forever….


        Produced @ Wasteland Music Services 




  One Last Round by Laurie Allen


 For  18 months Laurie would pack up his cheese sandwiches and coke and catch a bus and tram or sometimes a train and head off to Waza’s Balwyn North studio, a nice little home based recording studio where he would join Warren Keats, Bernie O’Brien, Oliver the dog and Man the cat, they would band together in an effort to record their own individual cd’s , a team effort to record the best cd’s they possibly could. Laurie didn’t quite make it to see the finished product.

When Laurie passed away LBW the band became LBW Productions and they were in damage control, those cd’s were going to be finish. Now it was only Warren and Bernie to put the finishing touches to the almost finished cd’s, they worked hard to finish what they had originally set out to do and they did it but now it was the finance to get the cd’s out that was the worry and that was when Aunty Renee stepped in with a plan to get Laurie’s last works released …for Laurie.     


Description: Description: image011   Produced @ Wasteland Music Services 


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 Tracks Include

· 1 Truckers Lullaby Allen ATA/Festival · 2 Honky Tonk Women & Neon Lights Allen ATA/Festival · 3 Where Are You Gene? Allen ATA/Festival· 4 Rockabilly Beatin Boogie Band Gary Young & LaurieAllen Control· 5 Danielle Allen ATA/Festival· 6 Dance Hall Ladies Allen ATA/Festival· 7 Sweet Dreams & Memories Allen ATA/Festival· 8 Bun Wagon Allen ATA/Festival· 9 Had To Leave Her Allen ATA/Festival· 10 Polly Allen ATA/Festiva· 11 So Long Ago Allen ATA/Festival· 12 Down South In New Orleans Bobby Charles Control · 13 I Walk The Line Cash Control · 14 Maybe Baby Holly Control· 15 Guitar Band Allen ATA/Festival· 16 The FerBuck’N’Me Polka Allen ATA/Festival· 17 All Night Long (The LBW Theme) Allen Keats Control

All Compositions Copyrights Observed

Do you remember the “Carol County Accident”? I guess it was the first country hit to imprint itself on my mind way back in 1969 when I was just getting into country music at 2TM Tamworth. Of course for Laurie Allen and Bobby Bright it was just one in a succession of great recordings that they created during the 60’s. Long before that Dick

 Cranbourne Hillbilly radio show on Sunday mornings working with legends like the Hawking Brothers, Dusty Rankin, Pete and Mike Hayes and a host of others.

  No wonder that after the Bobby and Laurie era finished in the early 70’s, Laurie was able to carve himself a career as a solo recording artist, a top songwriter and a session musician touring with local and overseas stars. He produced great records for other artists too. In fact he spent a lifetime not only creating great music himself but helping others, including many of Australia’s top performers, do the same. Laurie was the consummate country all rounder. For 40 years he made a huge contribution to Australian country music.

 Yet it is as a person and a friend he’ll be remembered. Speak to anyone who knew him and they’ll talk about a man they admired and loved, unflappable and full of happiness. Like all great artists he was bursting with enthusiasm for what he did and he knew it backwards.


  It was a terrible shock to hear that Laurie was gone. He had been an integral part of the scene for so long.

  This album is a marvellous, energy filled, joyful, country tribute to a man who obviously loved every moment of his jam packed, musical existence.


 Laurie. as we listen to this terrific album(hopefully not your last release) with so many of your great old songs, we salute you and your remarkable talents for music and friendships. A real “motivating man” to the end.

                                    Max Ellis 2002.. (Max’s tribute liner for Laurie on “One last Round”)

                                          ( Thank you to Max Ellis for allowing  me to include this liner on my page

                                                  and nice words of encouragement… thank you )



Hello & Welcome   by Warren Keats                   


Description: Description: Hello&Welcome Produced @ Wasteland Music Services 


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Tracks Include

· 1 Hello & Welcome Keats Fable· 2 Just The Way Keats Control· 3 The Minute You Said Goodbye Keats Control· 4 A Lot Of Stories To Tell Keats Control· 5 Hitch Hiker Miller Control· 6 Rollin Home Allen ATA Music· 7 Road Train Keats Control· 8 Swaggin’ (Featuring Les Keats) Allen ATA Music· 9 Loving You Keats Control· 10 A Good Nights Rain Keats Control· 11 Out On The Road Keats Control· 12 Long Ago & Far Away Keats Fable Music· 13 40 Feet Of Steel Keats Control· 14 The Eyes Of Love J. Clement & M. Addington Control· 15 Roll On Train Keats Control

All Original Compositions Copyright Wasteland Musical Services

Except Tracks 1 & 12 Copyright Fable Music

Tracks 6 & 8 Copyright ATA/Festival Music

                                     The story of the Jack & Laurie’s song “Swaggin”.


Jack Allen in his younger days before Laurie was even thought of swagged his way around Australia and as Aunty Renee said worked his way around for pennies, he wrote of his experiences in the way of poems, Laurie showed me the little red book that had obviously been well read with its yellowing pages packed with poems written in pencil, Jack wrote about the Australian bush, the friends he met along the way and his many adventures, that book was a treasure to Laurie. Laurie picked up on a couple of the poems one being the one that was to become “Swaggin”.  Laurie put the music to it and Lionel Rose recorded it for one of his albums, Warren Keats had heard Lionel’s version of this song and liked it so much while working with Laurie in 2002 he asked if he himself could record that song for his own cd but use his own dad Les Keats ( Les Keats a pioneer of country music here in Melbourne, a member of the original Trail Blazers) to do the narration. Laurie agreed, Waza brought his dad into the studio and “Swaggin” was reborn, Laurie was extremely happy with Waza’s version of the song. This song in it self is a great tribute not only to an Australian lifestyle of the one time swaggie but to three Aussie icons no longer with us, Jack passed away in 1996 at the young age of 100, Laurie passed away just after this song was recorded by Waza in 2002 then a couple of months later Les Keats also passed away.

Swaggin” number 8 track on Warren Keats’s cd “Hello & Welcome” is one of the songs that has been picked up by some music presenters here in Australia and in New Zealand as a great Aussie song with an Aussie story that is so true, one of these music presenters Graeme Godkin from Yarra Valley FM contacted me recently urging me to get the story of this song out there to try and get more airplay because he like quite a few others who have heard this song feel this song is a true reflection of the Australian Swaggie and needs to be heard.


Born For The Nightlife  by Bernie O’Brien

Description: Description: BornCover  Produced @ Wasteland Music Services 

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Tracks Include

· 1 Born For The Nightlife O'Brien Control· 2 A Beer At Sue’s Cafe O'Brien Control· 3 Good & Gettin’ Better O'Brien Control· 4 Annie Johnstone O'Brien Control· 5 Me & The Dog O'Brien Control· 6 Back Street Boogie O'Brien Control· 7 Grandma’s Biscuits O'Brien Control· 8 Walk On By Van Dyke Control· 9 Nightrider O'Brien Control· 10 Guitar Boogie · 11 Easy Street O'Brien Control· 12 Andrea O'Brien Control· 13 Am I The One O'Brien Control· 14 The Night & The Lady O'Brien Control· 15 The Fields Of Athenry (Features Guest Vocal By Warren Keats) P St John/Trad Control

All Selections Copyright Control


Rockin  by LBW

 Description: Description: image008         Laurie Allen, Bernie O’Brien and Warren Keats        

( cd order & song download available from                Produced @ Wasteland Music Services 

A Tribute To The Pioneers Of Rock & Roll From L.B.W. studios


Tracks Include

1.Rockabilly Beatin Boogie Band.2.The Endless Sleep.3.Hats Off To Larry.4. Mountain of Love.5. Dream Lover. 6.Memphis Tennessee. 7. Sam Cooke Medley. 8 That’s Alright Mama.9.No Particular Place To Go.10. All Night Long (LBW Theme) 11.Sixteen Candles. 12. Venus.13.Guitar Boogie.14.Don’t Tell Me Your Troubles 15. Not Fade Away.16.Walkin’ In The Rain.


All Night Long  by LBW

 Description: Description: image010  All Night Long  Laurie Allen, Bernie O’Brien and Warren Keats       

  ( cd order & song download available from       Produced @ Wasteland Music Services 

The Compilation Release Of A Wide Range Of Material From The Three L.B.W. Solo Albums With Some Unreleased Tracks From Warren Keats

Tracks include.

 1 MotivatinDay  2 The Night & The Lady 3 Long Ago & Far Away 4 Had To Leave Her. 5 Me & The Dog  6 Am I The One (Vocal By Warren Keats ) 7 The FerBuck’N’Me Polka  8 Swaggin’  9 All Night Long ( LBW Theme)  10 Annie Johnstone  11 A Cowboys Tears  12 Born For The Nightlife 13 Dancehall Ladies.


Other CD’s available from Wasteland Music Services

Rockabilly Beatin Boogie Band  by  Nite Trane

Description: Description: Nitetrane   Description: Description: Nite Trane Tiara        Rockabilly Beatin Boogie Band by Nite Trane  

Nite Trane with Laurie Allen, Peter Hayes, Bernie O’Brien and Harold Frith. recorded in 2001.

tracks include

1.Rockabilly Beatin Boogie Band 2.Closing Of The Door 3.Born For The Nightlife 4.Jackson’s Track 5.Pain Of Love 6.Nite Trane 7.The Nite & The Lady 8.Everything To Me 9.Wild Turkey 10.Melody Of The Drum 11.Open Heart Surgery

 12.Spirit Of True Rock ‘N’ Roll.


Turning Point  by Bobby & Laurie

 Description: Description: image014 Turning Point  by Bobby & Laurie  (available)

The Last cd recorded by Bobby & Laurie in 1997

Track include.

1 Perfect Lover.2 .Been Through It Before.3.Hey There.4.Tomorrow(Maybe Never) 5.Turning Point

6. Fields Of Athenry 7.Here I go Again 8.Hotter Out There 9.I Want To Be Free 10.Geraldine’s Thinking Of Galway

11. Distant Drums 12.Keep A’Knockin.


August Mood  by Ian Castles

Description: Description: August Mood Cover  Description: Description: Ianstiara                               Produced @ Wasteland Music Services 

     August Mood  Ian Castles

Tracks Include:

The First Time, Roomful Of Roses,Truckers Lullaby, These Hands,If Tomorrow Never Comes, Jezebel, There’s An Old Man In Our Town,Eighteen Yellow Roses, Closing Of The Door, Your Cheatin’ Heart, What Colour  Is The Wind, Burden Of Freedom, In The Misty Moonlight, Amazing Grace.

WyattWorks Downunder  by Billy Wyatt

Tracks Include…

Arizona heart, Annie Johnson, Just The Way, Gypsy Heart, Australia, Roll On Train, Another Cottonfield, Closing Of The Door, Backwards, Lovin’ You, Long Ago And Far away,  West After Midnight.

  WyattWorks Downunder by  Billy Wyatt                      Produced @ Wasteland Music Services 



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