Bonnie’s Laurie Allen Tribute





It is so good to see so many people interested in music and artists of the 60’s era, I have had a few requests for photos and information about these artists and bands and other people in that era. I am always willing to help where I can so I have created this request page where you can request the information you want and hopefully at some time someone will come along that can help.

 To add your request contact Bonnie bonnie@laurieallen.net   or  PO Box 5074 Moreland West 3055.






I have  recently had a request  for information on Joy Lemmon

 from  “ The American “Still from time to time, orders a Johnnie Walker straight up and remembers her…


Any information can be emailed to me at bonnie@laurieallen.net and I will pass it on…..Thank you  Bonnie









Requesting information on Phil Verrall.



Any information, photos or memories of drummer Phil Verrall

Phil was in a band in the 60’s, located in Adelaide…..was in a backing band that backed Bobby Bright in Adelaide before he teamed up with Laurie.


Any information, memories or photos would be greatly appreciated.


You can email me on bonnie@laurieallen.net  or you can join the 

Laurie Allen ( Bobby & Laurie ) Facebook Group

 Laurie Allen ( Bobby & Laurie )  on Facebook. and add  anything you have…thanking you… Bonnie


Thank you to Bob Bright for letting me know that Phil was a member of The Beaumen in Adelaide.


So anyone with  anything on The Beaumen would be lovely….