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Operator Funnies

A Dedication To The Operator





Bonnie’s Laurie Allen Tribute



PMG Memories


To all those past telephonists that can remember the days when the number one priority was to above all give service to the customer, when a telephone operator was sometimes considered to be a lifeline and after a days work be proud of her job….I hope this page brings back many memories…




The Telephonist Bible

Approx 1966


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Description: PMGDockets


Description: PMG Docket


Before computers there were dockets, all calls and history of the call were recorded on these little dockets before being thrown down a shute to travel under the floor to the other end of the room to the sorting rack.




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Trunk Line Board Set-up






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                     The Trunk Line boards  .       .The Day Rate/Night Rate              The Emergency Board

                                                 At The City West Main Trunk Exchange Melbourne




Telephonist Pay Structure

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Trunk Line Charges

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I think the one thing that all this proves is that change is not always for the better!