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Bonnie’s Laurie Allen Tribute




Memories Of Laurie








One of the things I have noticed in the Aussie country music scene is it doesn’t seem to matter how big an artist is in this business they will nearly always be willing to help fellow artists out by joining in harmonies or picking up a guitar to help out for the sake of the show, charity shows are amazing, they in them-selves really show what this business is all about with no jealousy’s, ego’s aside and Laurie was always one to add to the quality of a show with out hesitation, by picking up a guitar, or join in on the keyboard or harmonies or even helping to produce an album… because the music was so important and the show must go on…..……here you will find some other artists that were lucky enough to have shared in Laurie’s talents.



     Description: Description: mail      Richard Felstead




Memories, what great memories.

Congratulations, obviously a lot of work gone into your site. Never met Laurie although briefly met Bobby when I worked on “Homicide” back in the 60’s

( 1960’s that is). We need to ask baby boomers to advise you of similar sites so we can all place links on them.

Keep rocking     Richard Felstead, Albury NSW.


For all those who love the 60’s and Rock N Roll visit Richards great site          



  Description: Description: mail     Roddy Gordon  


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Hi, I hung out with Laurie back in the eighties, did a few gigs with him, great guy.

This photo was taken at Sydney airport when he came to see off when I was returning to Scotland, we lost touch after this, but I was truly saddened to hear of his passing. The web site is great, really glad this has been done.

I am returning to Australia (Adelaide) later this year, may see you around the country gigs…




Thank you to Roddy for sending me this photo, I appreciate it so much


   Description: Description: mail  Johnny Cooper


Description: Description: Copy of Jc and Bobby and Laurie




Fellow artist, rocker and friend of Laurie’s from the 60’s was on many shows with Bobby & Laurie and remembers being at the party where solo artists Laurie Allen and Bobby Bright decided to join forces and become Bobby & Laurie, the rest is history so to speak.

John also shared memories of a show he did with Bobby & Laurie at the Town Hall in Ararat, returning to the motel where they were staying Bobby & Laurie were watching the Goon Show on TV, Laurie was sitting on top of the wardrobe…ahhhh the Laurie humour, nice memories John.


                            Thank you John for getting in touch and sharing….



Johnny Coopers Webpage.


Greg Hayes


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Good friend of Laurie’s, sharing gigs with Laurie, and I think may be responsible for the voice on Laurie’s answering machine…


Kenny Arnott



                            Thank you Ken for the information and the chat we had, very much appreciated….


Kenny Arnott recorded a single in December 1964  

   The Rebel Johnny Yuma” and “The Prisoner Song” …Crest CRS-7 004-A

    Backing Musicians….. The Blue Jays

    Laurie Allen ..   Keyboard & Vocals

    Ray Eames…   Lead Guitar

    Doug Flowers..  Rhythm Guitar

    Kenny Arnott…  Rhythm Guitar

    Dennis Tucker..  Bass Guitar

    Bobby Johnson.. Drums

                                                           Produced by Kenny Arnott & Laurie Allen



Lionel Rose



 1972 Laurie Allen produced Lionel Rose’s second album called “Jackson’s Track”

    Lionel recorded “Just History” and “Had To Leave her”, both penned by Laurie.


Colin Cook



Laurie played the organ on Colin Cooks recording of “Heart”.


                Col Joye



Col Joye recorded a number of Laurie songs, “Through Childrens Eyes”, “Sunshine On Your Face” and

     “Concert In The Sky”.


Colleen Hewitt



Colleen & sister Glenys, were members of The Laurie Allen Revue, Colleen later to become a top recording artist in her own right.


Gary Young



was the drummer in the Bobby & Laurie backing group The Rondells and The Laurie Allen Revue, other groups Gary was involved in were The Changing Times, Ram Jam Big Band, Turnstile, Sons Of The Vegetal Mother, the mega famous Daddy Cool and Hot Dog.



Wayne Duncan,



bass player in The Rondells and The Laurie Allen Revue was also a part of The Changing Times, Turnstile, Son Of Vegetal Mother, Daddy Cool and Hot Dog


The Singing Kettles




The Singing Kettles 14th Album had three songs co-written by Laurie Allen and Mick Hamilton, “What Amanda Needs”, “Saturday Morning” and “It’s Too Late Now”.

  Their 15th album was co-produced by Laurie Allen with three of Laurie’s compositions on it, “First Star On The Right”,    Had To Leave Her” and “Raindrops



Johnny Chester



Johnny Chester also recorded “What Amanda Needs”. co-written by Mick Hamilton.



Normie Rowe



it was Laurie Allen that suggested to Normie Rowe that he record “It Ain’t Necessarily So” that did become a number one hit for Normie.



Mick Hamilton &

Allan Caswell



Mick Hamilton & Allan Caswell co-wrote Gaylene” with Laurie, “B” side to “Merry Bloody Xmas”.


Lee Conway




Lee Conway managed The Laurie Allen Revue and it was through his association with Laurie at this time that he first embarked on his own music career in what was to become a very successful solo career


Jan Kelly




 Was a good friend of Laurie’s and recorded an album called I’m A Woman  with Laurie Allen’s song “Danielle


Silver Wings Band 1980




Laurie was a part of Silver Wings for some years and they recorded a number of Laurie’s songs.. “I’ve Been Through It Before”Honky Tonk Woman & Neon Lights”. Laurie playing piano, reached No.2 on the 4CD Country Charts.


Greg Champion





Greg Champion CD called Champs, recorded in 1992.

   Yobbo Chorus

   James Gillard, Col Joye, Col Buchanan, Lee Kernaghan, GC, Barry Newman, Fraser Sandeman, Justine Rigby

   and Laurie Allen.



Cowboy Bob Purtell




1975 Purtell’s  recorded “Motivating Day” written by Laurie Allen for ATA Records. Receiving a Gold Guitar  CMA Awards. For Best New Talent.

   1978 releasing his album called Cross Country Cowboy Produced by Laurie Allen with Laurie’s  compositions,   “Truckers Lullaby” and Gearjammers Ball”  * Cowboy” and “Motivating Day”..Laurie also playing piano and backup singing.



Nola McFarland




 “I’ll Always Love You  Volume One… JRM Records

    A CD produced by Laurie Allen

    with vocal backing by… Wayne Duncan, Laurie Allen, Bobby Bright, Johnny Chester, Pete Hayes, Noel Watson, Jenni


   Melodody Lane” & “I’ll Always Love You”, “Red River Valley” and “We Could Never Make it Alone” written by

     Laurie Allen.

     Guitars…Laurie Allen, Barry Roy, Pete Hayes

     Del Vechio...Laurie Allen

     Fiddle & Banjo.. Pete Hayes

     Piano…Laurie Allen, Barry Ladgrove.

     Pedal Steel…..Ray Hasler

     Drums…….Harold Frith

     Bass….Wayne Duncan, Pete Hayes

     Triangle….See Through Sue

     Mandolin…George Mack

     Harmonica ….Bobby Bright



Warren Keats





Warren Keats guitarist in Laurie’s band Mystery Train and LBW was Laurie’s one and only apprentice with his new CD “Hello & Welcome” in 2002

    Produced by Laurie Allen, Bernie O’Brien and Warren Keats.

    “Rollin Home  written By Laurie Allen

    Swaggin        Written By Jack & Laurie Allen


                      CD available from Wasteland Music Services   warrenkeats@warrenkeats.com



Bernie O’Brien




part of The Rondells and Laurie’s bands Nite Trane and LBW

Bernie O’Brien’s CD called “Born For The Nightlife  recorded in 2002.

   Produced by Laurie Allen, Bernie O’Brien and Warren Keats.



                      CD available from Wasteland Music Services  warrenkeats@warrenkeats.com



Ian Castles



Ian Castles CD “August Mood” produced at Wasteland Studio’s, co-produced by Laurie Allen, Warren Keats and Bernie

  O’Brien winning a Tiara Award at the Tamworth Country Music Festival for his version of Laurie Allen’s song “Closing Of The Door”.


                       CD available from icastles@satlink.com.au 


Description: Description: mail  Dedication To Laurie   From Paul McGovern ( The Firebyrds)

 My name is Paul McGovern and I met Laurie through a mutual friend by the name of Bob Jones in 1987. Bob and I were working together in The Southern Comfort Band at the time and on occasion he would tell me that he had been to Laurie’s flat in Lakemba for a session of Jack Daniels and music listening and that many a brain cell had been destroyed., he eventually took me to Laurie’s to watch an Everly Brothers video and I was advised I would have to write off the next day, I actually had to write off the next week. From there a good friendship began, we would hang around and go gigging, I would pick Laurie up and drive him back and have one for the road, anyone knowing Laurie would know what that meant.

How do I sum up so many wonderful memories of a beautiful friend in an email?

The Laughs were many of the knee slapping variety and most of the stories can never be told in polite company.

I relied on Laurie to tell me what was real and true in music and what real country and rock and roll was about.

I once asked him for a bottle of what I thought was coke in his fridge and he said “no problem” it had 99% JD and a dash of coke for colour and I nearly passed out.

Laurie and I were on stage when our dear friend Nelson Arentz keeled over with a brain haemorrhage at the Hollywood Country music club at Lansvale.

I taught him how to let down tyres of cars of individuals that got on his bad side. I’m not sure that he ever put the knowledge to use ( hi Geoff) nudge wink.

I loved his dry laconic sense of humour for example… “Jesus Laurie, I’ve been trying to ring you for weeks”..Laurie..”Serves you right”.


Another time when Laurie asked me to play guitar for him in a Buddy Holly type show, Laurie said very dryly “I’m Buddy” when we both stopped laughing I thought bugger it I have done stranger gigs before and seeing as Laurie looked as much like Buddy Holly as Kamahl does and the band did not know one Buddy Holly song between them, they were all young guys, as expected the show was an abomination (but great fun) and we laughed our way through it then in the car park a bloke came up to Laurie and said “you’re looking good for your age Buddy, I have all your records”. and he was serious.


Not long before he took his final bow he came to see my band The Firebyrds at St Mary’s Band Club and I introduced him to the audience and then we played “I Belong With You” for him and he was quite emotional about it.

I was honoured to play guitar on his “Me and Jack Daniels” album and honoured to have shared so many great and sad times with a legend like Laurie.

Laurie had a sense of who he was and his contributions and was a tremendous friend and confidant to me.

Laurie, I miss you and I love you and will never forget our friendship… simply irreplaceable.

                                                        Thank you Paul McGovern for sharing your memories of Laurie.



Description: Description: mail  Wayne Chambers





I  recently played “Carroll County Accident” at the country music club I belong to up here in NSW and some one said “Porter Wagoner”   I said nah…..Bobby & Laurie….. That rocked them.

                                                   Thanks Wayne I love this story


My own

 Treasured Memories



  I had only spoken to Laurie a couple of times- however, when he found out my Mother was at the nursing home, he offered to come and sing for the residents. He stayed for three hours, despite not being well himself on that day, and gave the residents at the Nursing home a wonderful afternoon. He also gave me a day that I will always remember with my dear Mum. My mother passed away not long after that day, I thought at the time what a great thing for Laurie to do. As I got to know him better though, I found out it was just the typical Laurie, it was at that point definitely the biggest highlight of my life. It was just after my mother passed away that Laurie rang me, just out of the blue, I used to say to friends that he was heaven sent, by taking me into his Laurieland he got me through a most difficult period of my life, two little orphans caring for each other, a dream come true for me and I still say …heaven sent, well maybe a few of my rallies all got together up there and said “lets put that girl out of her misery”  hmmmm


I can remember on this day all the funny things that happened like a little frail lady looked up at Laurie with out stretched arms, he looked at me and said “what doe she want”? I asked her what she wanted and she whispered she wanted to go to the toilet,  I turned to Laurie and said she wants to go to the toilet, the look on Laurie’s face was priceless.



The start of the band LBW at the opening of the new housing estate Heritage Springs in Pakenham April 2002...An example of the Laurie Allen humour, after this day of entertainment outside at the local rotunda, with no rest rooms around, a ladies room was in much demand on the drive home, a Dandenong pokies place was the first place we came across. As desperate as I was, I was nevertheless still horrified to see Laurie jump out of the car and start acting like a traffic cop with his hand up in a stop motion in the middle of the footpath yelling "Lady in a hurry, toilet run" I can't actually remember seeing any faces in the group of people all standing there under his orders but he did clear a direct passage for me!...the Laurie humour was irreverent but amazing.




 The last concert at Moorabbin Townhall in June 2002, yes they were as good as they were in the 60’s, Laurie passed away about a week and a half after giving his all for one last great show…Thanks to Greg Lynch


   After their lifting of the roof performance I had a small table set up in the foyer with the Turning Point cd for sale, I was bombarded, all I could see was money being thrown at me from all directions, not even knowing where it was coming from, thanks to the nice Dr Wolfe man who came to my rescue, it was so good to see the long queue of people waiting to get their cd’s signed, it must have been like the good old days to Laurie, this was such a great finale for him, he was so happy that night.



Laurie really was the highlight of my life,...thank you Laurie.