Bobby & Laurie


Bonnie’s Laurie Allen Tribute


Song Lyrics


Due to the amount of searches done for the Lyrics of Bobby & Laurie and Laurie Allen’s music, this page was created ……… May the music continue!




  I Belong With You     

( Laurie Allen)


When I hear a love song

Then I know where I belong

Wo ho ho – I belong with you.

When I’m holding your hand

Then I journey to wonderland

Wo ho ho- I belong with you.

Strollin’ ‘neath the moon

And I know that very soon

I’ll be there standing right by your side

Wo ho ho- I belong with you.

Now I know whenever I feel low

Wo ho ho- I belong with you.



Through The Eyes Of Love   



This heart of mine belongs to you

For I must go where you may lead and the eyes of love are blind

I may not see the things that I should see, the dangers there be in   store

And I may do just what I shouldn’t do because I’m looking through the eyes of love.

My love is blind

It’s true I know that eyes of love might dim the view for me

But eyes of love can see so much that other eyes don’t see

Far bluer skies the sparkle in your eyes all make me realize   I’m Yours

I see in you a world of dreams come true because I’m looking through the eyes of love

Don’t let me down.



First Star On The Right        

(Laurie Allen)


Climb aboard these silver wings with me and fly

To a place I know somewhere beyond the sky

We’ll be away up there by the first star on the right.


All of our sweet dreaming

All our dreams about me and you

You know if we don’t believe the sweet dreams we dream

They’re never gonna ever come true

So hold to my hand my baby

Hold to my hand and fly

As we pass through time together

You and I



Through Childrens Eyes

(Laurie Allen)


 Once upon a time of joy there lived a happy little boy

whose wild imagination, no one really understood

he spoke of things so few have seen

-Of handsome princes-Fairy Queens

And animals that spoke and frollicked with him in the woods.



If we could only see the world through childrens eyes

Or see the magic painted on their minds

If we could only visit in their paradise

There’s no telling of the wonders we would find.


His mother and his dad said “No ,my son this could not be so

and Peter Pan can only fly through some ficticious fairy sky

Your mind is playing tricks with you, boy

-out there in the woods.


The toung boy smiled and turned his head

He hadn’t  heard a word they said

A solitary bugle call rang clearly from the woods

Robin Hood was once again calling all his merry men

To ride out against Prince John

In the cause of right and good



Sunshine On Your Face

(Laurie Allen)


Sunshine on your face happiness in your eyes

Every step with you is a stairway to the skies

Sunshine on your face happiness in your smile

Every moment I’m with you


Every we do is fine

If you’ll promise to me mine


Sunshine on your face Happiness in your eyes

Every step with you is a stairway to the skies

Sunshine on your face Happiness in your smile

Every moment I’m with you

Makes my life worth while.



(High) On A Ferris Wheel

(Laurie Allen)


I was circling slowly on a bright ferris wheel

Far down below me my eyes revealed

A carnival evening all the fun to be had

The Bustling people  some happy   some sad.



High…..On a Ferris Wheel

High      On a Ferris Wheel


I saw a young girl she was laughing

As she took her Kewpie doll prize

From her handsome companion

There was love in her eyes

And I knew she’d be happy for she took his hand tight

And they walked off together swallowed up by the night


I saw a young boy he was crying there were tears on his face

As he ran behind the laughing clowns as though in disgrace

And I couldn’t help wondering what had caused him to cry

And I knew I’d never find out for I was so high.







Hitch Hiker              

(Roger Miller)


Hitch hiker! Hitch hiker!

Like a restless tiger you can't stand still

And you never will

SPOKEN: Here I stand and the cars go by

Some of them honk - and some just wave Hi

It seems like life and the cars both just pass me by

Hitch Hiker

No special place to be going

I just go whichever way the winds blowin'

You know it's hot today

I'd kinda like to go where it's snowin'

Ahh I dunno maybe i'll just stay here

where the green grass is growin'

Here comes another car..

 I wonder       Is he slowing down

Hitch Hiker

Hitch hiker! Hitch hiker!

like a restless tiger you can't stand still

And you never will

I guess boys all dream and so did I

My hands once reached to touch the sky

Is this the sky that I reached for

Just the dust of the road and nothin' more

Hitch Hiker

 Hitch hiker! Hitch hiker!

Like a restless tiger you can't stand still

And you never will.



 The Carroll County Accident

Carroll County's pointed out as kind of square
The biggest thing that happens is the county fair
And I guess that's why it seemed like such a big event
What we all call the Carroll County accident
The wreck was on the highway just inside the line
Walter Browning lost his life and for a time
It seemed that Mary Ellen Jones would surely die
But she lived long enough for her to testify

Now Walter Browning was a happy married man
And he wore a golden wedding ring upon his hand
But it was gone nobody knew just where it went
He'd lost it in the Carroll County accident

Mary Ellen testified he flagged her down
Said he was sick and could she drive him into town
And no one even doubted what she said was true
Cause she was well respected in the county too

Now I went down to see the wreck like all the rest
The bloody seats, the broken glass, the tangled mess
But I found something no one else had even seen
Behind the dash in Mary's crumpled up machine

A little matchbox circled by a rubberband
And inside the ring from Walter Browning's hand
And it took a while to figure out just what it meant
The truth about the Carroll County accident

By dark of night I dropped the ring into a well
And I took a sacred oath that I would never tell
The secret of the Carroll County accident
Cause the county ordered dad a marble monument

I lost him in the Carroll County accident




(Laurie Allen)


Danielle- who can tell the way you’ll feel

In a few short years when you’ve grown up

And left this world you’ve filled with laughter

I know that day is a long long way from here

But Danielle it just felt like a tear

….was falling

Danielle it just felt like a tear.


Danielle- it sure was swell to see you smile so bright

And when you took my hand and squeezed it darling

I felt the love we share surround us

I know one day I’ll awake and find you’ve grown

Then Danielle you’ll have a world all of your own

    To live in

Danielle- You’ll have a world all of your own




The Saturday Cowboy Show

(Laurie Allen)


Those Saturday mornings we spent waiting for the afternoons

Certain that a matinee was a surefire way to hear a cowboy tune

Across the silver screen we’d see Hoppy, Gene and Roy

Tex Ritter and Lash Larue- RexAllen would sing for you

Then a kind of melancholy harmony would fill your ears

And there a riding over the range would be the sons of the Pioneers

Smiley Burnett-California- remember Gabby Hayes

-         They were sure to brighten up your days

-         Every Saturday Afternoon.



Well if your mamma had something  that she wanted done

A special little message she wanted you to run

You know- You’d go – any Saturday Morning

You’d do what she wanted-and you’d do it quick

‘cause you knew that she’d give you money for the “Flicks”

The AM hours went slow

While you were waiting for the Saturday Cowboy Show.