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Bonnie’s Laurie Allen Tribute



Laurie’s Album







Description: image032

Baby Lawrence

Aunty Rene would say he was a bugger of a child (with a smile|)

Thinking about her freshly stomped on flower bed…hard to believe, look at that little angel.







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Description: Windsor State School jpg222

Windsor State School.. Laurie is bottom row third from the left…




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Little Lawrence was a member

of the Victoria Banjo Club  and

thanks to his mum Edna who

collected and preserved his many photos


Victoria Banjo Club


Lou Topano’s School Of Music

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Description: LaurieThumbsUp

Photo by Mike Bagnall




Description: LaurieKevinWilsonJan1997

Laurie with Kevin “Bloody” Wilson1997


Description: Laurie With Buddy Williams

Laurie with Buddy Williams

 Photo by Mike Bagnall


Description: TJDennis

Laurie with TJ Dennis

Description: hayes 1jpg156

Laurie with Peter Hayes


Description: LaurieRaySawyer

Laurie with Ray Sawyer 1995


Description: image005

Laurie with Dick Cranbourne



Description: LauriekrisKristopheson

Laurie with Kris Kristopherson




Description: LAWillieNelson

Laurie with Willie Nelson 1993



Description: LaurieWillieNelson2

Again with Willie Nelson 1995


Description: LauriePamTillis

Laurie With Pam Tillis.


Description: LaurieTomThall

Laurie and Tom T Hall




Description: LaurieJumboand

Jumbo Jim. Don Williams & Laurie



Description: LaurieCrutchers




Description: wendybbb

Laurie with long time friend Wendy from Sydney

Description: Laurie 36jpg259

Laurie with Lorraine Bird


Description: LaurieSanta

Laurie with his everybody’s friend Santa in 1992



Description: LaurieJumboJimLeanneR

Jumbo Jim ,LeeAnn Rimes and Laurie



Laurie, Gary Young & Roger Treble