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Bonnie’s Laurie Allen Tribute




Laurie Allen- The 60’s



LaurieStreamer  LaurieTownHall3 aalauriebackstage


    Laurie backstage at the Melbourne Townhall in 1965 just before I was gently chucked out the door by a friendly policeman who so kindly let me take this photo…for Laurie’s protection holding me by the hair at all times…..…then out I went.


LaurieFestivalHall3  LaurieStreamers2  aalatamborine


Laurie at Melbourne Festival Hall in 1965



 aalacircle LaurieCircleBallroom5


Laurie at The Circle Ballroom Preston in 1965, this was the very first time I saw Laurie live, the start of my thirty year something obsession…when I think of what I must have put my family and friends through in those days, for those who read this, I am sorry and thanks for putting up with me….gee I am so glad I hung in there….






Bobby & Laurie mobbed at Essendon Airport in 1965, I introduced my innocent Italian girlfriend Miranda to the 60’s scene on this day, anyone finding the ring she lost in the frenzy on that day, could you please return it, she still has not let me forget it….



LAHitchh2         LAHitchh1


Laurie at the filming of Hitchhiker film clip 1964


Photos from “Once Upon A Song” Photo Shoot.

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