16 February 2014


Bonnie’s Laurie Allen Tribute


The Laurie Allen Revue






1967 ..   Laurie Allen forms new soul revue called “Dice” later renamed “The Laurie Allen Revue”, other members include Barry Rogers, Gary Young, Wayne Duncan, Phil Manning and backing singers Glenys & Colleen Hewett. Managed by Lee Conway.


 1967.. The Laurie Allen Revue made a very successful debut in Wangaratta recently Go-Set August 2 1967


1967  Laurie Allen Revue----Come Out On Disc…Cute little bass guitarist Barry Rogers has been backing Laurie Allen Revue since leaving the Rondells, assisted by drummer Ron Cameron and guitarist Manfred Shane. Further along the line are Colleen and Michelle radiating pure talent. The girls are former members of the Creation Trio. The artist behind all this is the “blues happy” person of Laurie Allen. This collection of five hundred Negro LP’s must be quite a help when the band needs a change from “Top Twenty” Known as The Laurie Allen Revue” they have spun out a revival of “SAVED” on Festival. with a little more experience together and better chosen songs they will make the grade.        GO-SET!!  Vol.2  NO.32  August 16 1967



                                                   The Laurie Allen Revue from Eddie Floyd’s Collection of photos.

                 Eddie Floyd was the manager of the first Licensed discotheque in Melbourne “Winston Charles” in Toorak  in the late 60’s & 70’s,

                 He also managed “10th Avenue”, “Pinpcchio’s “and he played drums in a band called The “Roulettes” and was involved with Havoc 

                 Records  and was  one of the engineers on the Aztec Live Album.

                 Unfortunately Eddie has passed away,  probably,  managing  a great venue in rock ’ n’ roll heaven, maybe even  with Laurie.

                 Eddie left a legacy of many great memories, probably helped the careers of many of our then young pop singers and the memories will go on.

                 Eddie’s daughter Lindy has decided to share her father’s memories and was so kind to send me these photos of Laurie, so thank you

                 Lindy, your dad is a legend and did so much for the entertainment industry,  Thank you to him and thank you to you..










 Thank you Lindy, very much appreciated….





                               Photo from GO-Set May 8 1968






             Thank you to Marc & Glenys for sending me this photo….








                                                  Colleen & Glenys