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Bonnie’s Laurie Allen Tribute


Laurie Allen


Career Diary




Approx.1949… Laurie wins Silver Cup.. Most Improved Guitar Student at Lou Topano’s School of Music at the Malvern Town Hall. 

June 29 1952  Lawrence on” Rumpus Time”…3AW 

November 1953 Banjo Club at Essendon Town Hall and Bayswater Boys Home. 

The 50’sLaurie Allen starts a small band called “The Three Jays” with friends Johnny MacGaw on drums and Jimmy Braggs on piano accordion..                                                                                                             

June 1957….Audition for “Stairways To The Stars” HSV7

June 1957…Audition for “Hillbilly Championships Banjo Club”

June 1957…Sutherland Homes ..Banjo Club.

June 1957… Mount Royal…Banjo Club

October 1957….House Of Friendship..Footscray

December 1958..Thornbury…Arcadia Ballroom

December 1958..Function for Earnie Sigley and Heather Horwood.

March 1959 ..The Lories” another small band of the young Laurie Allen get an engagement at The Savoy Theatre.     

September 13 1959   Morning…South Melbourne Footy Ground….special request for 1959 Brownlow Medalist Bobby Skilton…Sang “Mona Lisa” Rock Around The Clock” “Personality” “It Doesn’t Matter Any More” Heartbreak Hotel”   Afternoon..Private Party Channel 7  & channel 9 at South Melbourne…EveningLeggetts

September 14 1959Yea…stayed at Grand Central,

September 15 1959..Healesville  Stayed at Alpine Lodge

September 16 1959….Yarra Glen….Stayed at Hotel.

September 17 1959Warburton

September 18 1959Wandin Hall

September 19 1959Carnegie..Memorial Hall

September 20 1959.. Fitzroy (Merri Palace) with Malcome  Arthur, La-ronde Bros, Billy & Johnny, Margie Mills, Peter Mclean, Roulles and Allstars…..( Entry in Diary….Somebody sang “Tallahassie Lassie”, two numbers later  Margie Mills sang it, Johnny Larondi sang “Mona Lisa”  3rd number for the night, 4 numbers later  & sang it again 2 numbers later Margie Mills sang it.)

September 21 1959…Nyora …stayed at local hotel….

September 22 1959Wonthaggi….stayed at Caledonian Hotel.

September 23 1959Leongatha…stayed at Commercial Hotel.

September 24 1959…Welshpool

September 25 1959…Foster… stayed at Royal Standard Hotel in Toora

September 26 1959…Alberton West…stayed at Commercial Hotel in Yarram.

September 28 1959Yarram..Regent Theatre  Stayed at O’Connors Commercial Hotel.

September 29 1959….Toora… Memorial Hall…Stayed at Royal Standard Hotel.

September 30 1959…Poowong…Stayed at Poowong Hotel.

October 1 1959..Meeniyan

October 2 1959..Korumburra..Mechanic Hall…Stayed at Victoria Hotel

October 3 1959…Fish Creek ..Memorial Hall

October 5 1959..Cowes  Hall

October 6 1959…Lang Lang

October 7 1959…Frankston…Mechanics Hall

October 8 1959…Bayswater

October 9 1959…Werribee…Hall…( Entry in Diary….Coming home after the show a blasted timber jinker  whose driver was an idiot did not have the jinker fixed on right, while we were passing it came off and smashed into us. We were lucky to escape, the bus should have been a write off.)

October 12 1959…Trafalgar….picture Theatre…stayed at Criterion Hotel  .(Entry in Diary…due to accident (see Friday 9th) we are now travelling in a furniture van.)

October 13 1959Yallourn…picture theatre…stayed at Yallourn Hotel

October 14 1959..Moe…..stayed at Corner Hotel

October 16 1959…Heyfield..Picture Theatre

October 17 1959…Rosedale…Memorial Hall.

October 19 1959…Bairnsdale…Regent Hotel

October 20 1959…Sale…RSL Memorial Hall

October 21 1959…Tambo Upper…..Hall

October 22 1959Orbost…local Hall…(Diary Entry…Used ordinary guitar as it was direct current, in the town. no mic.)

October 23 1959.. Lakes Entrance…local hall.

October 24 1959…Glengarry

October 26 1959…Maffra….picture theatre…stayed at Metropolitan Hotel.

October 27 1959…Warragul…Soldiers Memorial Hall…stayed at Railway Hotel.

October 28 1959…Merbein South ..Local Hall

October 29 & 30  1959   Morwell….Town Hall….Stayed at Club Hotel

October 31 1959    Boollara

November 2 1959…Traralgon…stayed at Commercial Hotel

November 3 1959Newborough  ..(Entry In Diary…Wasn’t a hall it was an igloo….record attendance, 7 adults, 6 kids and 1 dog.)

November 4 1959Yarragon   stayed at Commercial Hotel in Darnham

November 5 1959Drouin… Memorial Hall   stayed at Family Hotel.

November 6 1959Sarsfield.

November 9 1959…Bacchus Marsh   stayed at Courthouse Hotel.

November 10 1959   Ararat…Town Hall   stayed at Turf Hotel

November 11 1959  Willaura…Memorial Hall

November 12 1959… Glen Thompson  Memorial Hall    Stayed at Macs Hotel.

November 13 1959…Horsham.. Town Hall.

November 17 1959  Edenhope    Mechanics Hall

November 18 1959   Coleraine  Local Hall.

November 19 1959..Heywood…Memorial Hall.

November 20 1959  Bessiebelle…Mechanics Hall

November 21 1959  Dartmoor…Mechanics Hall

November 23 1959   Branxholme…Memorial Hall   Stayed at Argyle Hotel Hamilton

November 24 1959Hamilton   Town Hall   Stayed at Argyle Hotel Hamilton

November 25 1959Wallacedale…Local Hall.

November 26 1959…Merino…Mechanics Hall   Stayed Commercial Hotel.

November 27 1959Casterton…Town Hall.  Stayed at Casterton Hotel.

November 28 1959…Sandford   Mechanics Hall    stayed at Casterton Hotel

November 30 1959McArthur…Mechanics Hall

December 1 1959Portland   Star Theatre    stayed at Macs Hotel.

December 2 1959…Port Fairy…Town Hall   stayed at Commercial Hotel.

December 3 & 4 1959…Warrnambool   Town Hall  stayed at Royal Anchor Hotel

December 7 1959Koroit   Picture Theatre

1959 .. The Three Jays with Laurie, Jimmy Braggs and Jimmy Kinder on Drums get a 3 month engagement at The Beaufort Hotel in St Kilda.

1961 Don’t Forget! ….The Big Teen Show..Tomorrow night…starring Merv Benton, Laurie Allen, The Laurie Arthur Four, and others plus the film “Just For Fun”..There’ll be plenty of seats at the door but if I were you I’d book tonight at The Regent as admission is one price 8/-  You might to dance, stomp, clap or even laugh at the comedy sketches but there is one thing you can’t do, don’t miss this show!

1962   Jive Centre & Coffee Lounge Gala opening…Racecourse Road Newmarket…featuring  The Fabulous Blue Jays and the Phantoms with Grantley Dee, Jill Peachy, Laurie Allen & Steve Denver…Compered by Stan Rofe & Kerry Wood. Commencing Friday May 10..Admit One…1/2 Price 3/- 10th May only.

September 5 1963..Cohuna Thursday & Saturday Dances

October 11 1963 .. Melbourne pop vocal star Laurie Allen and Steve Denver rehearse for a Festival Hall dance and concert next Sunday at 2pm. The concert is in aid of the 3DB Royal Children’s Hospital Appeal..other stars that will appear are Peter Doyle, Merv Benton, Dennis Bugat, Dave Howard and Ebbel Tholen with The Valiants, Phantoms, Saxons and The Blue Jays. Admission 6/- by donation.

November 26 1963  at 8pm…Johnny Chester In Person with Bobby Bright, April Byron, Laurie Allen, Colin Buckley, The Blue Jays… Benalla Town Hall…                                                                                 

March 4 1964 Laurie Allen appears for the first time on IMT. Laurie sings “John Browns Baby”.

March 4 1964.. Cohuna Thursday Night  & Saturday night Dances

1964 .. Laurie Allen performs on “The Go-Show!!” as a solo artist.…. The rest is history.






Jimmy Bragg & Jimmy Kinder 2 members

Of The Three Jays at Beaufort Hotel






The Three Jays





Dick Cranbourns Country Round Up





Description: Description: Description: LaurieFarewellsRogerTreble1967

Guitarist Roger Treble farewelled by pop star Laurie Allen and members of other pop groups on leaving to commence his national service..

The Herald & Weekly Times Limited 1967


Description: Description: Description: aatruckstop

Laurie Allen, Col Joye, Cowboy Bob Purtell

 and Jim Cooper … Truck Stop LP 1976



June 5 1964…Rocking Jester…Nutty comedian-rock singer Laurie Allen will serenade the ladies on the harem of “The Court Of King Caracatus” at Festival Hall on Sunday afternoon. This rather weird Rolf Harris tune is the latest addition to Laurie’s comedy repertoire which he mingles with sincere ballads. Laurie has been concentrating on personal appearances and developing an adult act for television lately but his version of “I Who Have Nothing” is one of the most popular big-beat ballads at Melbourne dances. Proceeds of the concert which starts at 2pm will aid the Sporting Globe-3DB Royal Childrens Hospital Appeal .. appearing with Laurie is a who’s who of the Melbourne rock scene..Bobby Bright, The Thinmen, Johnny Cooper, Joy Lemmon, Bobby Shaw, The Saxons, The Phantoms, Ebbel Tholen and The Scorpions.    The Sun June 5 1964   


Lyrics To Court Of King Caractacus

1964 .. Bobby Bright and Laurie Allen team up and become Bobby & Laurie

Bobby & Laurie career Diary is listed under my  Bobby and Laurie link.

 April 6 1966.     Laurie Allen’s house is being pulled down to make way for a freeway…Bobby Bright says they’ll never be able to shift all of his records.        Go-Set!! Written by Paul Konok

August 5 1967.. The Laurie Allen Revue… Cohuna Thursday & Saturday Night Dances

 1967… The next month will probably seal the fate of Laurie Allen, it will show whether he can make it without Bobby Bright, the other half of Australia’s former pop duo. For since the breakup last Christmas, Laurie hasn’t been idle, he has formed a backing group (The Dice) and has ventured into promoting his own floating discotheque. Whether either will be a success has yet to be seen. Until now Laurie has been tight lipped about the split. All we know was that both felt, as a duo they had reached their limit. However it wasn’t quite that simple. “More than anything” said Laurie “The TV show  Dig We Must” killed us as an act. It ruined our image and caused arguments among ourselves. We were signed to do a young adult show not sing bits from musicals and “Ave Maria”. What they really wanted was this- generations of teenagers singing last generations songs. Bobby was more inclined to do as he was told but I was dead against it. This gradually lead to tensions between us. Just before the last show we agreed to split. But it was my suggestion. At the time we were having trouble with our record company.  We weren’t allowed to record material we had chosen, so this made the decision a little easier. After two years as one of Australia’s top drawcards I wondered if Laurie had any regrets about the breaking up. “No none at all” he said  “at the most, we could have stayed reasonably popular for another 12months, depending on our record sales but I still think we should have made that trip to England as planned”. After getting the idea for a riverboat discotheque Laurie began looking around for a backing group, he found it in Barry Rogers (ex Rondells), Manfred Shane and Ron Cameron from the Nomads. However I’d jumped the gun said Laurie, I realized just a three piece group couldn’t give me the sound I wanted, so I added two girl vocalists, Colleen Hewitt and Michele Kennedy, they are an act in themselves and combined to give us a distinctive sound which can’t be done by any Australian group. We do a lot of Don Gibson and Wilson Picket numbers but no top 40, thats not our style. I’m very pleased with the group and know in time we’ll be even better. The group is now called Laurie Allen and The Dice but will soon be renamed to just The Dice. They will have a record release shortly but for the moment it still very hush hush. In the past with Bobby & Laurie the record company had its own idea of what and how to record, this time Laurie will be on his own. He will be given complete freedom to do as he wants. If the disc takes off it will mean another feather in his cap. as a successful record producer, so perhaps the breaking up of the duo wasn’t so bad after all.          Go-Set Vol.2 No.14 April 5 1967





Description: Description: Description: LADonGibsonTour

              The Don Gibson Tour

Warren Neilson, Jan Kelly, Terry Smith

Don Gibson, Marven Lanier, Steve,Murphy

And LaurieAllen


    Description: Description: Description: slimwhitmanprog   Description: Description: Description: LASlimWhitprog


       Slim Whitman Tour Program




Description: Description: Description: Crossovercountryshow


Laurie Allen, Greg Hayes, Lorraine Bird & Cowboy Bob Purtell stars of The Crossover Country Show. 1982



March 1968.. Laurie Allen was a model in the modern section of The Victorian Masters Hair Dressing Association Festival in Albert Park. He was brave enough to risk his very very very long locks for the competition by hairdresser Brendon Kupach.     Go-set!! Vol.3 no.12 March 20 1968.

1969… Laurie becomes a regular on Dick Cranbourne’s  3DB Hillbilly Show  

January 1969..  Leigh’s Quartet with Laurie Allen doing well at various Hotels and Drive Ins.

April 19 1969.. Laurie and Leigh’s Quartet perform at The Cow Shed in Wallan.

April 28 1969..Laurie Allen sings “Sing Me Back Home” on the 3DB ‘Hillbilly Show”     

June 8 1969.. Laurie and The Lee Horton Quartet sing at The Watsonia Army Barracks 

August 1 1969.. Laurie wrote, “I Had To Leave her” in the early hours.  

August 2 1969.. Laurie wrote “Sunshine On Your Face    

August 3 1969.. Laurie wrote “Hole In The Ground”.  

August 5 1969..Laurie Wrote “Mama Dear Mama”.  

August 6 1969..Laurie Wrote “Problem” & “Who Went ------- When The Lights Went Out” with Bob.    

August 7 1969..Laurie wrote “Panola County” & “The Amateurs Dream”.  

August 8 1969. .Laurie Wrote “Aboard The Train Of Love”.   

August 9 1969..Laurie Wrote “Take Your Lovin And leave”. 

1970’s     In the early 70’s Lionel Rose toured with Ashtons Circus with Laurie Allen backing him on guitar.

April 8 1970.. Laurie and Lionel Rose appear at Ballarat Civic Centre.

April 11 1970   Laurie Allen & Lionel Rose sing at Heidelberg. Laurie teaches Lionel to sing”Had To Leave Her”.     

April 1970   Laurie is interviewed by Peter Leslie for “On Country Music”. 

September 22 1970..Laurie Allen and Lionel Rose sing “Mama Tried” on The Dick Cranbourne Show. 

October 1970 .. Laurie & Lionel Rose perform at Bendigo gaol, with Barry Maddock & Keith Humber. 

October 30 1970..Laurie Allen & Lionel Rose appear at Winston Charles.   

1971 ..      Laurie wins Victoria’s Best Guitarist & Best Male Vocal Awards of 1971.    


Description: Description: Description: LaurieJohnVincent

    Laurie with good friend John Vincent

Description: Description: Description: SilverWings

Silver Wings


Description: Description: Description: RadioPromo

radio promo for Me ‘n’ Jack Daniels

Description: Description: Description: 2GL

        Laurie With his own radio show  2GL


Description: Description: Description: LaurieFuneralphoto


Description: Description: Description: LAPeterhayesSN

In Memory of Peter Hayes who passed     away recently (2004)

  Photo taken Aug 1997 Clifton Hill Hotel

             Thank you See-through Sue

                 For these 2 photos.


              Nite Trane 2000

Laurie Allen, Peter Hayes, Bernie O’Brien & Harold Frith

Description: Description: Description: Nite Trane RSL


Description: Description: Description: Nitetrane


(Nite Trane CD available



March 26 1971 … Laurie produces first album for Lionel Rose called “Jackson’s Track”..  

January 1972.. Laurie Allen at Croxton Park Hotel Preston.

1972 .. Laurie releases solo album “Once Upon A Song”.

August 9 1972 Discs + Data Melbourne’s Laurie Allen once of Bobby and Laurie comes up with an album of his own songs. “Once Upon A Song” on ATA Records is all country and Western material which appears to be Laurie’s bag these days . He’s good too. Produced in Sydney together with Col Joye this LP has obvious appeal to C&W fans, especially in rural areas but it has broader scope, much like Roger Miller. In fact Laurie’s song “If I Need You” is too Miller to be funny. “Had To Leave Her” is slow but the others are at the usual tempo for this music. “Closing Of The Door” “Just History” and “Sunshine On Your Face” have good lyrics for authentic C&W.  Year 1972 .. Laurie wins Major Network Award for Best Male Vocal in 1972. 

1972 .. Laurie collaborates with ex boxer Lionel Rose to produce Lionel’s first album Called “ Jacksons Track”. 

April 1972  Laurie tours with Red Sovine.

1973    Laurie has regular gig Friday & Saturday nights at The Epping Hotel with Harold Frith, Peter Hayes.

 February 12 1973..Laurie Allen at The Council Club Hotel with Harold Frith, Peter Hayes and Barry Roy.

March29 1973Laurie Allen tours Tasmania.

July 9 1973… Laurie starts NSW tour.. Naramine, West Wyalong, Parkes, Griffith, Wagga, Junee, Cootamundra, Gundagai, Boorawee.

August 15 1973Cabra-Vale Servicesmans Club, Lucky Starr, Little Patti, Laurie Allen and the Joy Boys.

September..1973.. Laurie Allen performing around Sydney with Col Joye

 September 9 1973Laurie Allen & Col Joye perform at Parramatta Jail and Cabra-Vale Diggers Club.

-September 1973Laurie Allen Starts tour with Slim Whitman. 

Maryborough, Gympie, Toowoomba, Brisbane Festival Hall, Bundaberg Civic Centre, Rockhampton, Cairns, Townsville, Mackay.

                                                         The Slim Whitman Tour


  Laurie Allen, once part of the top rated duo Bobby and Laurie who were responsible for such great hits as “Carroll County Accident”, “Through The Eyes Of Love” and “Hitchhiker” won the National Radio Award two years in succession as top recording artists.

Considered amongst Australia’s top songwriters, Laurie’s first album “Once Upon A Song” featuring all his own material received comments from such people as Roger Miller who stated  That boy’s a great talent, I’d like to have him write some songs for me.


Having spent all his life living and working in Melbourne where he lived with his parents, Laurie is at present Sydney based and has formed his new group which is responsible for the musical backing on his new hit single and his forthcoming album.


  November 1973…. Slim Whitman Article (Slim Whitman Tour)

Laurie Allen.. here’s a boy you all know in Melbourne but is now centred in Sydney, with his group The Black Mountain Band, Laurie Allen a big round of applause. Laurie came on stage looking exactly the same as when he was part of the famous Bobby and Laurie duo. He has changed musically improved and heading almost exclusively in the C&W direction. His act is very pleasant and he managed to draw both laughs and applause from the audience. His final number was an Australian twist on “A Boy Named Sue” the old man was turned into a horse hoof, and he hits him with his handbag, all very stereo typed but the audience loved it.

 Go-Set Vol 8. No.43


July 1973.. Laurie records with The Webb Brothers


May 1974.. Tours with Col Joye and The Joye Boys….Sth Sydney Juniors, Sth Sydney Seniors, Melbourne, Sydney Bowlers Club, Hills Bowlers Club, Penshurst RSL, Cootamundra RSL, Crookwell Ex-Servicemens Club, Canberra, Castle Hill RSL, Pananina East Hills RSL, Alexandria, Inverell, Cumberland Builders Workers Club, Bankstown Trotting Club, Manly Warringah Leagues, Rhyde Civic Centre, Newcastle Workers Club, Marrickville RSL,


July 1974….ScreenSound Australia National Screen & Sound Archive have an interview by Laurie archived…Cover No.548361..Title..Benny Hill, Ross D.Wylie, Laurie Allen, Jade Hurley…Interviews July 1974

Class…Oral Histories & Interviews…Music & Popular.


August 13 14 15 16 1974  10am til 8pm  Laurie recorded, Til The Water Stops Running, Walking  In The Footsteps Of A Fool, Frauline, Sweet Becky Walker, Carroll County Accident,Cowboy Bar… Daisy Hill, Country Roads, Country Girl,  I Belong With You, Sweet Dreams.


October 1 1974…Woollongong Surf Club with Joye Boys.


October 6 1974.. Maroubra Seals and Dapto


October 8 1974…Cowboy Bar


October 10 1974…Mt Druit Shopping Centre


October 22 1974..St Marys Band Club  with Buddy Loren


October 25 1974… Balmain RSL with Buddy Loren


October 26 1974   Blacktown RSL with Buddy Loren


October 27 1974…Blacktown RSL and Balmain RSL with Buddy Loren.


October 28 1974… Parramatta Town Hall.. Country Show


November 1 1974Hurlston Park RSL & Bankstown Sports Club with Buddy Loren


November 2 1974…Canterbury/Bankstown Leagues & Bankstown Sports with Buddy Loren.


November 3 1974…Bankstown Sports & Canterbury/Bankstown leagues with Buddy Loren.


November 5 1974…Granville RSL with Buddy Loren


November 8 1974…British Ex-services Club Sydney.


November 10 1974…Western Suburbs Leagues Grenville with Buddy Loren.


November 12,13,14 1974..recording Any Other Man..ATA and Cowboy Bar.


November 15 1974…Georges River Sailing Club with Buddy Loren.


November 16 1974Narrowa, Shoalhaven Ex-Servicemans Club with Buddy Lloren.( No musicians-Horns out)


November 17 1974…Riverwood Legion with Buddy Loren.


November 20 1974…ATA  mixing Owyergoin


November 24 1974..Smithfield RSL & Auburn RSL


November & December 1974 in Studio recording.


January 1975…Lakemba RSL with The Kettles


1976 ..Laurie releases album “Any Other Man”.


1976 .. Laurie releases”Truck Stop” album along with Col Joye, Bob Purtell and Jim Cooper,


1976       Motivatin' Day, Bob Purtells first single, was written by esteemed Country Music songwriter Laurie Allen and won him a Golden Guitar at Tamworth.   



1980   Laurie Allen is involved in a serious car accident, the fact that he is held in such high esteem by his colleagues was evidenced when a benefit was held in Sydney drew a capacity crowd of 500 people saw such artists as Johnny Ashcroft, Allan Caswell, Cowboy Bob Purtell, Mick Hamilton, Ken Kitching, Silver Wings and Johnny Heap.


September 1982   

 “The Crossover Country Show is a brand new CM production show starring Laurie Allen, Lorraine Bird, Greg Hayes, Cowboy Bob Purtell and Cowboys Incorporated with the opening and closing songs “Crossover Country” and “We Could Never Make It Alone’ written by Laurie Allen.

                   Capital News September 1982


                         Ross and Bill Kettle,Laurie Allen, Bob Purtell and Kathy Thomson


June 6 1985….Quirindi RSL Club

                                    With Geoff Quinton (drums Jim Allander (bass)

June 7 1985…Moree Services Club

                                     With Geoff Quinton (drums Jim Allander (bass)

June 8 1985…Wee Waa Golf Club

                                      With Geoff Quinton (drums Jim Allander (bass)

June 9 1985   Maitland Leagues Club

                                       With Geoff Quinton (drums Jim Allander (bass)

                                      Stayed at  Golden Harvest Motel Moree

                                                         Mid Town Motel Narrabri

July 19 1985..Wyong Leagues Club

                                        With Geoff Quinton (drums) Jim Allander (bass)

August 10 1985..Canowindra RSL Club

                                        With Geoff Quinton (drums)  Geoff Brown (bass)

August 29 1985…Tamworth Workmans Club

                                        With Geoff Quinton (drums)  Vic Lanyon (bass)

August 30 1985…Warialda Golf & Bowling Club

                                       With Geoff Quinton (drums) Vic Lanyon (bass)

September 1 1985…Scone Bowling Club

                                       With Geoff Quinton (drums, Vic Lanyon (bass)

                                       Stayed at Travel Lodge Tamworth

                                                         Isis Motel Scone

November 1 1985…Mulwala RSL Club

                                       With Vic Lanyon (bass)  Dennis Walsh (drums)

November 2 1985   Griffith RSL Club

                                       With Vic Lanyon (bass)  Dennis Walsh (drums)

November 3 1985   Wagga Wagga RSL Club

                                       With Vic Lanyon (bass)  Dennis Walsh (drums)

November 9 1985   Millfield RSL Club

                                       With Paul Drury (bass) Tommy Callaghan (drums)

November 10 1985   Adamstown RSL

                                       With Paul Drury (bass) Tommy Callaghan (drums)

                                       Stayed at Homestead Cessnock.

November 14 1985   Quirindi RSL Club

                                      With Paul Drury (bass) Tommy Callaghan (drums)

November 17 1985    Kempsey Bowling Club

                                       With Paul Drury (bass) Tommy Callaghan (drums)

November 26 1985   Cardiff Workers Club

                                      With Paul Drury (bass) Tommy Callaghan (drums)

January 14,15,16 1982   Nick Erby’s Country Jamboree Bega RSL

Starring Cowboy Bob Purtell, Ken Hazelwood, Denise Morrison, Laurie Allen & Cowboys Incorporated compered by Nick Erby


The Travelling Country Music Showcase.  Featuring Laurie Allen, Deniese Morrison,Wayne Horsburgh,  and The Singing Kettles.





Description: Description: Description: MysteryTrain1


Bernie O’Brien, Laurie & Warren Keats


Description: Description: Description: coverOneLastRound

One Last Round

Laurie Allen

Available from

September 1982

                  The Survivors  

 Of the 12 people I have written about in my first year of “The Survivor” one man stands out as probably the greatest “Survivor” of all, Laurie Allen, singer guitarist, pianist, record producer and in my opinion Australia’s finest songwriter, has survived the heady rock & roll days of Laurie Allen and Bobby Bright, (which included three number one hits) an almost fatal car accident which hospitalised him for many months, the inventive antics of   “ The Cowboy” and many      From the Slim Whitman Tour Program, 1972 tours with the mischievous  Singing Kettles” to remain one of Australia’s most respected CM talents. 

              Capital News..  Written by Geoff Quinton September 1982.

                                           Thanks to Geoff Quinton for the permission to use this article


April 1983   Pub With No Beer writer Gordon Parsons and True Blue creator John Williamson had a good support act in the idyllic Nambucca Valley-hang gliders and bullock drays. But not even they could compete with veteran outlaw grandfather Cowboy Bob Purtell, his cane and Laurie Allen.

                  Cowboys And Outlaws, Dave Dawson

        The Daily Mirror April 6 1983      Thanks to Dave Dawson for the permission to use this article

1990’s to 2002    Laurie has his own weekly radio show with 2GL in Sydney.


March 1991   One of Sydney’s longest running country groups, The Silver Wings Band perform this Saturday night at the Bass Hill RSL Club, these guys performed everywhere from Hardie Ferodo 1000 at Bathurst to the rugby league grand final day at the Sydney Cricket ground. They have also been nominated for a Mo Award as Country Group Of The Year…. The Torch   March 20 1991

1994 ..   Laurie Releases his first CD  Me ’N’ Jack Daniels”.

2001  Nite Trane- Laurie Allen Revue “Get On Board” Tour

  Cornish Arms Brunswick, TownHall Hotel North Melbourne, Toolleen Hotel, Mayfieds Fitzroy, The Bush Inn Toorak, Birmingham Hotel Fitzroy, Epping RSL, Red Hill Country Music Festival, Old Homestead Inn North Fitzroy, Clifton Hill Hotel, Healesville Hotel, Pascoe Vale RSL, Southgate Inn Tamworth, Tamworth RSL, Tiara Awards West Leagues Club, The Pub-Showcase, Toyota CMAA Country Music Awards.

2001 Nite Trane wins “Tiara Award” at Tamworth, Best Instrumental Laurie Allen, Bernie O’Brien, Peter Hayes and Harold Frith. Written by Bernie O’Brien.


2001 .. Laurie introduces Warren Keats into his team and Mystery Train is born later to be renamed LBW with Laurie, Bernie O’Brien and Warren with various drummers and bass players.


February 2001.. Mystery Train perform at The Bunyip Country Music Festival.


April 2 2001 – June 12 2002…In Wasteland Studio recording with Warren Waza Keats later to be joined by Bernie O’Brien, producing three albums.


January 2002…. “Closing Of The Door” wins “Tiara Award” at Tamworth, sung by Ian Castles, written by Laurie Allen and produced by LBW Productions.


April 2002.. LBW opens Heritage Springs Housing Estate Pakenham along with Ian Castles in the local rotunda.


June 2002.. Laurie gets back together for a reunion with Bobby at the Kingston Centre, What turned out to be Laurie’s hooray performance bringing the house down with a standing ovation and a queue up for Turning Point Cd’s and autographs, Laurie was very happy with what he knew could very well be his last performance.


June 12 2002…Laurie spent the day at Wasteland Studio ....working on  the keyboard for  the track

“Bun Wagon”


June 13 2002.. This is day the music, (for me at least) really did die, Laurie was gone.














2003   The cd that Laurie had been working on for 18months was not quite finished but thanks to the hard work and determination of Warren Keats, Laurie’s last cd was released  and is available on line  at        


June 2003  A “Don’t Let His Music Die” raffle was held at the Kingston Centre organised by Russell Pitt to raise enough money to help with much needed finances involved in getting Laurie’s cd finished.



* This is only a small part of Laurie’s Career Diary,

More will be added as information comes to hand,

Any contributions would be greatly appreciated and acknowledged.

Thank you to David Long for  Cohuna dates…much appreciated…



      Description: Description: Description: mail  A dedication to Peter Hayes & Mike Hayes by Mike Jackson


 I toured with Peter Hayes for three months in 1987 and knew his brother Mike really well. Mike is on one of my albums-  both lovely men. Mike- very funny, Peter – the calmest, sleepiest person I had ever worked with but my goodness was he talented. One of those people with a sixth sense of what was coming next. We played together with no rehearsal and no chord charts from the day we met, I didn’t even have to tell him the key most times, he was onto it so quickly.

The only guitarist I’ve ever known to play F# without a capo (without even blinking!). I vividly remember one lovely moment on tour with Peter. We were in a school near Mansfield and the principal instantly lit up at the sight of Peter, He said your “Peter Hayes aren’t you? ” (Peter was a stand –in, so not on the bill).. Peter (More than surprised) said he was and the teacher just about beside himself with joy said, “You’re brilliant—I’ve got both your records and I still play them”. Up to that point I had no idea of Peter’s previous life—Mike had said he was good but neither of them were great for blowing their own trumpets.


                                                 Thank you to Aussie all round entertainer

                                                  Mike Jackson for sharing his memories of Peter Hayes. 


Mike Jacksons Webpage