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Kevin Lee Collection

50’s & 60’s


 Kevin Lee another Pioneer of the Melbourne Music scene recently contacted me and offered to lend me his collection of  photos of the 50’s and 60’s  after seeing the photos I just had to put a few up for fans and other artists of that time to see… Kevin is a good friend of Betty McQuade and as Kevin and Betty were good friends with Laurie I feel these photos  deserves a spot in Laurie’s Tribute Page as I know Laurie himself would have loved looking through these photos, so for those who can remember enjoy and many thanks to Kevin for sharing his treasures.


Because my Webpage is so large in content I have had to  collage  as many photos as possible so as to be able to have as many photos as possible up, …so many memories…..


R.I.P.  Sadly  Kevin Lee  ( Roughly) passed away on 4th December 2016… Thank you  Kevin for sharing your memories and may you Rest In Peace.   Thank you to his good friend of many years Scott Taylor now residing in Scotland for letting me know…. Thank you Kevin.





Kevin Lee

With Grantley Dee 1986, Johnny Chester 1979

and Johnny O’Keefe 1975

Betty McQuade  60’s



Betty McQuade 



Betty McQuade

                        With Tony Worsley - The Thunderbirds 1984 -Johnny Chester-Normie Rowe &Buddy England 1983- Paul Meany and Terry Dean 1964

Colin Cook

          With Peter Robinson 1983

Johnny O’Keefe

            The Thin Men & The Phantoms Melbourne 1964

             Ray Burgess 1977


Judy Cannon

           With Kevin Lee, The Thunderbirds



              Judy Canon


Randy Ross, RolandStorm,Paul Wayne, DeKroo Brothers,                                              The Thunderbirds

 Johnny O’Keefe, Jimmy Little.                                                                                                         With Roy Orbison 1961, Stan Rofe  1984, Judy Canon, Heni Borce & Peter Robinson.


Johnny Chester, The Phantoms, Noel Tressider, Johnny Devlin & The Beatles