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May 1965  Vandals In BronzePolice will try to find the authors of this scribble on the Melbourne Town Hall’s new 3500 pound bronze-framed doors. The doors, installed only last January are at the main entrance in Swanston St.


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July 1965 ..Everybody’s magazine.






Laurie Allen Fan Club Bio


                     Born….                                                March 9

                     Height….                                             5ft 10in

                     Weight…                                             9 stone 4lbs

                     Born In…                                           Melbourne

                     Hair…                                                 Black

                     Eyes..                                                 Green

                     Schools…                                         Windsor State and Prahran Tech.

                     Shoe Size…                                      9

                     Fav. Food…                                       Vegetables, Salty toast and chips

                     Fav. Drink                                       Coca Cola

                     Fav. Vocalists                                PJ Proby and Wanda Jackson

                     Fav. Group                                     The Kinks

                     Fav. Colour                                    Presley Purple

                     Fav. Music                                     Country and Western

                     Fav. Clothes                                  Casual

                     Football Team                               Essendon

                     Pet Hate…                                         Ties and people who put on side

                     Fav. Composers                           Leiber and Stoller

                      Musical Instruments Played…     Piano, Guitar, drums, bass, organ.

                      National Tours                              P.J.Proby, Dave Clarke, Seekers 

                      Previous Occupations                Paper boy and Milkman

                      Likes…       Silent movies (Charlie Chaplin), archery, throwing boomerangs.

                      Awards Won….                               3KZ Best Aust. Comp.  

                                                                                 3UZ Best Vocal Group

                                                                                 3AK Best Aust. Comp  

                                                                                 Sounds Award

                                                                                 2UE Listeners Award   

                                                                                 Best Guitarist 1959

                                                                                 Best Stage Act 1964

                                                                                 1965 Everybody’s Magazine Award




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Bobby & Laurie on Stage


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Rick a 60’s music and Bobby & Laurie fan got to meet Laurie in 2002 and became a good mate.


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TV Week Feb.13 1965

(Alison I think I went to Brunny Girls with you!






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A typical fans bedroom- mine


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I went through an arty phase some years ago, dabbling in all sorts of crafts, this is a drape sculpture.. A drape sculpture is an anonymous piece of art, the object is to make a sculpture from scraps, it has no face but to still make it obvious to whom it is.            Who could this be?


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This is a birthday card that a crazy fan   ( me) sent to Laurie for his birthday probably in the 60’s, Waza found it amongst some of Laurie’s things after his passing.. I never did expect to see that card again, I guess one could call that FANtastic.




Mt Gambier Show…

    Dear Editor….I would like to express my appreciation of all the artists who appeared in the show in the theatre here in Mt Gambier on July 3. Johnny Florence was really terrific. Elaine Moore, Pam Bradley, Bobby Bright, Kevin Todd and Johnny Mac were super..YM Reader Mt. Gambier

Young Modern July 24 1963

Swift Pair   Tons of kisses to the swift pair Bobby Bright and Laurie Allen for being fantabulous on stage and so friendly to their fans. Hundreds of kisses to the Pink Finks and The Rising Sons.  THREE MOONEE MODS Moonee Ponds.

Kicks to Teen Time on BTV6 for not having good talent, why not have Johnny Cooper or Laurie Allen on? They would improve the program no end. Kicks also to Melbourne stations for not giving these fabulous singers a break. Lots of kisses to Stan The Man on 3KZ for saying those nice things about Johnny. Those radio announcers are a lot nicer than some of the TV snobs.   W.W. Ballarat.

It’s a GO!!  Bouquets galore to Julian Jover, producer of “GO!!” he really tries to offer wide and varied talent on his show, from the sparkle of Marcia Jones to the fabulous voice of Dave Howard, the polish of Ian Turpie to the zany antics of Bobby Bright and Laurie Allen. Here you have talent to appeal to all ages and tastes. “GO!! fan Brighton.

Not Needed  Axes to the galah who is trying to make “GO!!” another Sydney production. Melbourne’s show was different to other shows, it had it’s own atmosphere and pattern. We have the talent and ability to put on an all –Melbourne show. Orchids to Bobby Bright and Laurie Allen, undoubtedly the best teenage act in Melbourne.  GO!!’s GONE  Port Melbourne.

Orchids to Laurie Allen, Bobby Bright, Marcia Jones and Normie Rowe.

                                                              A music Lover and GO!! enthusiast (Glen Waverly)

Disinfect Them.. Good Lord, what a pair! Laurie Allen and Bobby Bright need a haircut and a good wash. I’m not apposed to long hair but on them it looks repulsive. Has clapping gone out of fashion, all one hears is screaming, more screaming and still more screaming. Luscious bouquets to ABV-2 for quiet, educational interesting programs which are not interrupted by cheap noisy commercials… School Girl  Elsternwick …TV Times June 23.

Surprise Orchids to all teenage artists, I am the parent of a 16year old girl and have often been curious as to what mischief goes on at these teenage dance.

     So I went to the festival hall charity dance to find out. I was surprised and very pleased at what I saw, a perfectly organised dance concert with brilliant artists.

    The Saxons are a wonderful precisioned band with wonderful movements. I am surprised that I haven’t seen them on television

    as they pleased me and I am certain they would please many other adult viewers. Orchids also to the exciting Johnny Cooper, the versatile Laurie Allen and the compere 3DB’s Bruce Stewart…. T.Hawkins (St Kilda)  Listener Inn July 4-10 1964

Bobby,Laurie are “Most Gorgeous”  Tons of Bouquets to that most gorgeous pair Bobby & Laurie. I think that their hair is simply fab. Brickbats to “ Schoolgirl” ( TV Times June 23) who said Bobby & Laurie need a haircut and a wash.

   Glenda R… Murchison …TV Times.

Teen Arena  We are sorry “Teen Scene” has ended. would ABV2 please give us some repeats of earlier shows especially the ones with Bobby & Laurie in them. Axes to “GO” for not giving us more variety amongst the female artists….

 Optimists  Ferntree Gully

   March 1965   Hills-A-Poppin’ At The Gully….. About 15,000 picnickers rolled up to National Park Ferntree Gully last Sunday to attend 3DB’s seventh annual Hillbilly and Moomba Roundup. Bobby and Laurie were two of the entertainers who appeared at the roundup and they were thronged by admirers…. Listener In-TV  Melbourne.   

April  1965   Melbourne singers Laurie Allen and Bobby Bright don’t normally hold up banks but they have been holding up teenage shows in Melbourne- the fans kept asking for more. First to suffer were “Teenscene” and “GO” rapidly followed suit on ATVO. They also appear twice a week on O’s “Magic Circle Club” a childrens show as zany Tweedledee and Tweedledum.          Everybody’s-April 14 1965  

May 1965   A small word of advice to fans and admirers who write to magazines about their favourites: Friendly letters get answered, informative letters get used, critical letters get serious consideration and abusive letters get tossed out. A further word: The artists themselves don’t welcome abusive fans, they hinder rather than help and that gentle readers is the last word on the Laurie Allen and Bobby bright paragraph. Because of the nice fans and in spite of the other kind ( who rate a huge yawn) for not signing their names there is a colour picture coming up of the boys soon. Everybody’s May 12 1965  

FANS WILD – But not for Sarah

    American jazz singer Sarah Vaughan, said to be the highest paid night-club star ever to appear in Australia arrived at Essendon Airport to a wild and frenzied welcome yesterday- but it was not for her. Shortly before, a plane carrying Melbourne’s famous pop singing group The Seekers and the longhaired duo Laurie and Bobby had landed and 500 of their girl admirers were still screaming. 

Showers Of Rose Petals… “Put your hands on your ears, it blocks out the screaming. The music comes through, the vibration comes up through the floor”. This was the advice of a teenage redhead at the Capitol Theatre last night and she was right. From the moment the curtain began to rise it was on. They screamed, they stamped, they leapt into the air. They sent streamers whirling through the spotlights on to the stage, they showered their favourites with rose petals and when the petals ran out, screwed up paper bags aimed at the performers.

And the artists- The Seekers, The Dave Clark Five, Tommy Quickly, longhaired Bobby & Laurie and The Frames obviously loved it. With the battery of five microphones to help them they matched the ear-shattering screaming with an explosion of rhythm from banjos, bass, cymbals, drums and guitars….C.M. The West Australian May 27 1965

Dear Sir.. Myself and a couple of friends have just finished reading Go-Set!! for the first time and can assure you that it will definitely not be the last. I think it is absolutely gas. Could you please wish Bobby Bright a Happy Birthday from a few of his fans. Hope to see pictures of him in Go-Set soon.   Pam,Judy,Sheryl & July

                                                                                                  Go-Set!! Vol.1 No.2 February 9 1966 

We’re Kissed

   Kisses to TV Week for the offer of Beatle pictures at 2/6 which was on some time ago, but how about

    another. This time we would appreciate Australian stars like Normie Rowe, Mike Furber, The Easybeats, Bobby & Laurie, etc.        Jeff Allen, South Oakleigh.   TV Week June 11 1966

Go-Go to Laurie & Bobby’s new record “Sweet & Tender Romance”, I think it is a gas, but when are we going to hear the flip side (Down In The Valley). Whats the matter with Melbourne DJ’s, this side is as good as the “A” side so why can’t we hear it, I am sure others share my opinion.     Lyn & Pam Port Melbourne.

                                                                                                Go-Set!! Vol.1 No.4 February 21 1966 

Make A Wish

 My wish is to obtain a photo of Bobby & Laurie…. S. Graham. St Kilda.

             Wish granted by Go-Set….                                             Go-Set!! Vol1. No.6 March 7 1966

Go Go’s & No Go’s

    Go Go to Bobby & Laurie for their appearances on the Big Show. It was absolutely terrific. I think they are two of the nicest boys in the business, they are never too busy to talk to their fans and between Bobby and his beautiful eyes and Laurie with his wonderful smile there is no doubt they could capture any audience as they always do. I hope to see a lot more of them in Go-Set in the near future. Yours truly LA & BB Forever…Malvern

       Go-Set Vol1.No7  March 14 1966.

Go Go To Bobby & Laurie.

     Go Go to Laurie, Bobby,Normie,Merv but most of all GO Go Go to Gary, cute little drummer of the Rondells, oh Gary you’re the most…. K.Mc Windsor.         Go-Set Vol.1 No9. March 30 1966.

Bobby & Laurie Shine

   No- Go to Stan Rofe for his comments about Bobby & Laurie’s appearances at the well known beach suburb NightClubSurfrider” (Go-Set June 29) He insinuates that they perform too small, disinterests audiences which is entirely wrong, crowds have increased on Friday nights since Bobby & Laurie have been on the floor show, so they are now about 5 times better than they were 3 months ago and there are many more boys than girls constituting bobby and Laurie’s most ardent fans. Kids come from all over Melbourne to see Australia’s greatest act appearing in the formality of the Surfrider atmosphere and as Stan appreciates the fact Surfrider is a teenage nightclub he should also realise that screaming younger fans would be out of place, Stans information is usually reliable but this article serves as one of his greatest blunders. Judy& Sue Black Rock.

                                                               Go-Set. Vol.1 No.24 July13 1966.

No Go’s Bobby & Laurie for breaking up!  R&C Broadford Vic.   Go-Set!! Vol.2 No.7 February 15 1967

Outstanding   20 January 1968 Orchids to ATV0 for screening “The PJ Proby Show” as a holiday special. PJ Proby is an outstanding performer and his singing of his hits was really good. Orchids to his supporting acts- Dinah Lee, The Easybeats, Bobby Bright and Laurie Allen. Seeing Bob and Laurie singing as a duo must have brought back happy memories to their many fans. Orchids to Bob, Laurie, the Revue, PJ Proby and Lynne Randall..” Bobby and Laurie Forever” (Glen Iris)

  1968 GO-GO Laurie Allen Revue, millions and millions of Go-Go’s to The Laurie Allen Revue for having such a great new record. I hope it reaches number one because I think they are one group who really deserve it. Extra Go-Go’s to Gary and Wayne for being so gorgeous.  J.B. North Balwyn  Go-Set Vol.3 No.16 April 17 1968

Go Go’s to Penny Arcade millions of Go Go’s to Bobby Bright’s fabulous new group “The Penny Arcade” It’s really tremendous to see Bob singing again and his new record with Penny Arcade is just gas and I hope he has loads of success…  Love-     A Bobby fan..East Malvern    Go-Set…Vol.3 No14 April 3 1968

Thousands and thousands of Go-Go’s to The Laurie Allen Revue and thousands of No-Go’s to radio stations for not playing their gas record….. The Laurie Allen Revue Forever,,,Nine fans  Sydney & Melbourne.  Go-Set Vol.3 No.22 May 29 1968

Go-Go Bobby Bright…. Millions of Go-Go’s to Bobby Bright for having Laurie Allen as special guest on his radio show, it was truly fabulous to hear Bob and Laurie together again, as they spoke of old times together it brought back many happy memories of the days when they were Australia’s top pop duo. Go-Go’s to Bobby Bright, Laurie Allen, Penny Arcade, Rondells and PJ Proby…. Sue E.Malvern   Go-Set!! Vol.3 No.52 December 26 1968.

March 5 1969   Post Box.

    Dear Go-Set, I am writing to say just how fabulous it is to hear that Bobby and Laurie have teamed up once again to form Australia’s No.1 stage act. It’s been so long since our pop scene had such a fantastic duo as Bob and Laurie that the whole scene went dead…Good luck to the two greatest guys in the business…Sue. East Malvern Vic.  Go-Set. Vol4 No.10

From The NetMgahern’s Ireland Journal

Subject: Ireland “At The Curragh

Date: 2003-07-15

Music: Through The Eyes Of Love- Bobby & Laurie.

                             Laurie’s Mother Says She’s “Getting With It”

     It’s accepted that a girls crowning glory is her hair, but how does she feel when her young son has the flowing locks?  TV Times reporter Fred Robertson last week questioned the mother of pop idol Laurie Allen about her son’s Veronica Lake hair-do.  “I’ve finally got used to it” Mrs Allen said. “ I didn’t like it at first”, “ I suppose he has to have something different”.  When did she start to get a bit worried about how long Laurie’s hair was getting?”  “Well I suppose it started when the price for haircuts went up” she said. “ then everyone started letting their hair grow longer”   The hullabaloo that surrounds her son sometimes puzzles Mrs Allen. “I suppose that goes with pop music these days” she said. “sometimes these young girls go real funny though”. “And it amazes me the way some of them ring up wanting bits of his hair or an old shirt so they can cut it up”. “ Others say they have photographs of him all over their bedroom walls- “I don’t know what their mothers think”. And does she like the music? “I’m getting to like that too” she said “I used to like the slow stuff but now I get with it”.

1965..Interview with Bobby & Laurie

Question…Are you safe in the streets?

       Laurie:  Most kids on the street either stare at us or ask for an autograph but we are not safe at dances where there are big crowds because the girls want to tear at us all the time, we had to be rescued by police at a Festival Hall concert recently.

       Bobby: It’s great walking round the streets because sometimes older people laugh and point and at other times kids recognise us as Bobby & Laurie but now and then you feel it would be a gas to go somewhere and enjoy yourself with out being recognised.

    For proof of this we took Bobby & Laurie into Flinders St where they were whistled at by passing motorists, stared at by women shoppers and one young toddler burst into tears, then a group of policemen came past, some were friendly, some jeered and the parting comment from one was “where did they dig you two up from”?


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