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Bonnie’s Laurie Allen Tribute






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One Last Round

                      Laurie Allen


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CD             Rockin



Description: LBWRockin


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CD          All Night Long



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  Rockabilly Beatin Boogie Band

Nite Trane


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CD         Turning Point

Bobby & Laurie


Description: Turningpoint Cover


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’57 Heaven

    with Special Tribute to Laurie Allen


Description: HeroesFromHeaven


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      Shake Rattle And Roll

         With Laurie Allen, The Blue Jays

Frankie Brent, Lyn Langford,

Allen Eastbrook, Johnny & The Wildcats, Johnny Cosgrove, Malcolm Arthur and The Knights, Mick Ellis and The Dymonds,Des Kelly & The Wildcats & The Matells


Description: Shake Rattle Roll

Shake Rattle And Roll



CD        I Belong To You   

                 Bobby & Laurie


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Canetoad Bobby & Laurie                     Bobby & Laurie


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Bobby & Laurie/GO!!/ Hitch Hiker 

                 Bobby & Laurie



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CD         Tomkins Showcase Vol.1

Cat. TSCD01

Description: Tomkins

With LBW “For Buck’N’ Me Polka



LP                  Exposaic

                Bobby & Laurie



Description: Exposaic




The Best Of Bobby & Laurie

                              Bobby & Laurie


Description: BL Best Of Cover



LP                Jump Back

                            Bobby & Laurie


Description: JumpBack




LP      Bobby and Laurie  GO!!

                    Bobby & Laurie


Description: GoCover



     The Best Of Bobby & Laurie 1965-1970

                      Bobby & Laurie


Description: The BestofCover



LP  Hitch Hiker


Description: HitchHiker



EP Hitch Hiker


Description: HitchHiker45Cover



                        Pretty Ugly Vol.2



Description: prettyUglyCover




LP         Once Upon A Song

Laurie Allen



Description: OnceUponASong



           Bobby Bright Self Titled

                                   Bobby Bright


Description: BobbyBrightAlbum





                           Truck Stop

Laurie Allen, Col Joye

                    Bob Purtell & Jim Cooper


Description: TruckStop



Any Other Man

Laurie Allen


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                      Me’n’Jack Daniels

Laurie Allen



Description: me 'n' jack daniels cover


Available for  loan at The State Library New South Wales.


























The Cowboy Album

         ( Wasteland Studio) 2010















LP & Reel To Reel     

                   GO!! Hitmakers Vol.3

                             Compilation ( Astor )



              Description: Go Hitmakers


Reel To Reel     Go!! Hitmakers

                             Compilation ( Astor )


Description: Go Hitmakers Cover reeltoreel


LP   Oz Rock Classics

                          Compilations (Roxon)


Description: Oz Rock ClassicsCover


CD       Albert Archives



Description: Albert Archives LP



                  Albert Archives



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The Go/Scope Labels Vol.2


Description: GoScope





 The Good Times 25 years of Australian Hits


Description: TheGoodTimesCover


CD        sixties Downunder



Description: Sixties Downunder



Description: DownInTheValleySheet     



                 Description: TroughThe EyesSheetMusic



EP          I Belong With You

                       Bobby & Laurie


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 CD       World Beaters



Description: World Beaters Cover



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Singles by Bobby & Laurie


 (45)    1965..I Belong With You/Trouble On The Turnpike (GO!!)


No.2     Pop Tunes (The Age) April 1965.

No.1     Pop Tunes (The Age) April 1965.

No.25   3DB Top40                   March 1965.

No.3     3DB Top40                   March 1965.

No.3     3DB Top40                   March 1965.

No.1     3DB Top40                   April 1965.   for 2 weeks

No.2     3DB Top40                   May 1965.    for 2 weeks

No.7      Everbodys Mag.         April 1965

No.10    Everybodys Mag.         May 1965

No.5    Everybodys Mag.       June 1965  (Thank you to Tony Priest (PJ Probyan) for this contribution.)

No.20    Everybody’s Mag.        July 1965

No.7      Everybody’s Mag.        July 1965

No.6      Top 20 Australian Hits of 1965

No.322   Top 500 songs for 1960’s        98.5 One FM



 #   Not really underrated but certainly undervalued are Bobby & Laurie the zany duo that almost

Single handedly changed the sound of Australian music with their debut 45 “I Belong With You”

Early in 1965  .   The Livin’ End No.7



 #  Around The World.

Recent recordings from Melbourne boys have made the Cashbox charts in America which is a great achievement, they are Bobby & Laurie’s “I Belong With You” and MPD’s “Little Boy Sad”. Both were given rave notices when they were released.

Released by LTD International Records. Go-Set!! Vol.1 No 7..March 14 1966


Available for loan from The National Library

&     The State Library of South Australia


(45)    1965..Someone/You Are Gone ( GO!! 5003)


No.5      3DB Top 40                     May 1965.

No.18    Everybody’s Mag.           July 1965.

No.9      3DB Top 40.                    July 1965.

No.18    Top 20 Australian Hits of 1965.

Available for loan from The State Library of South Australia



(45)  1965.. Judy Green/Mojo Queen (GO!! 5011)


(45)  1965.. Crazy Country Hop/It Ain’t Fair (GO!! 5018)


No.40   3UZ Top 40                       February 1966.

No.20   3UZ  Top 40                       February 1966.


(45)  1966.. Down In The Valley/Sweet And Tender Romance ( Parlophone A-8185)


No20. 3UZ Top 40                        February 1966


(45)  1966.. Hitchhiker/You’ll Come Round (Parlophone A-8198)


No.1     3DB Top 40                        April 1966.

No.3     3UZ  Top40                        May 1966.

No.1     3UZ  Top40                         May 1966

No.1    2SM King40                        May 1966.

No.1     5AD Top 40                        May 1966,

No.37   3UZ  Top40                         April 1966.

No.2    All Australian Top20              May 1966.    Everybodys Magazine.

No.2    All Australian Top 20             June 1966.    Everybodys Magazine.

No.6    Top 20 Australian Hits Of 1966

No.79  Top 500 songs for 1960’s        98.5 One FM     




  #   Bobby & Laurie have struck top honours in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth

Tasmania and Brisbane…Their version of Roger Millers “Hitchhiker” has succeeded

In a way not even Mr.Miller himself could have dreamed of.  GO-SET!! Vol.1 No.17 May25 1966


  #  Around & Around

If Lou Richards can do it so can we. “we’ll pick up the tab of Bobby & Laurie’s shampoo bubbles for the next 12 months if their new side Hitchhiker (incidently a Roger Miller Number) doesn’t make a No.1 noise throughout the land.

                     GO-SET!! Vol1 No.17 May 25 1966


 #    Barberisms.

People have said that since “I Belong To With You” Bobby & Laurie haven’t managed to make a record up to that standard. I’m inclined to think they are right or at least I did- until I heard their new one called “hitchhiker”. To my mind it is the best they have ever done. The song was written by Roger Miller but never recorded by him, Bobby & Laurie are sending a copy to Mr Miller. He should do a cover version of their version. I doubt if he could do it much better than Bobby & Laurie though. Go-Set!! Vol 1 No.9 March 30 1966.



 #   Bobby & Laurie’s new LP is on the way up- by reputation- already- although it’s titled “Hitchhiker” it’s subtitled “Cum Sunt  Ambulant” which means “ Why they were walking” translation by the courtesy of Tony Geary- Albert Productions.

                         GO-SET!! Vol.1 No.18  June 1 1966


# Hitchhiker For Overseas…Hitchhiker will be released in Great Britain, Europe and South Africa. This is definite and all negotiations have been made ( Straight from the recording company)  Go-Set!! Vol 1 No.21 June 22 1966


(45)  1966.. High Noon/Tonight When I Come Around (Parlo 8216)


No.20   5AD Top40                    Sept. 1966.

No.25   3UZ Top40                     Sept. 1966  (Thanks to Tony Priest again for this addition)

No14  Go-Sets National Top40    Nov. 1966      Go-Set.Vol.1 No.40 


(45)  1966.. Every Second Day/First Street Blues (Parlo.A8236)


(45)  1969.. Carroll County Accident/A Hole In The Ground (RCA 101870)


No.6      4BC                           Jan. 1970.

No.17    3UZ Top40                  Jan 1970.

No.19    Top 20 Australian Hits Of 1970


  #    “The Carroll County Accident”  Bobby & Laurie RCA

  Good Polished C&W sound by the former local pop now C&W duo. Refreshing-

  Flip—“ A Hole In The Ground” Under 20 Record Review by Grant Aldous


#  Singles … Bobby & Laurie are together and their first release in the “New Era” 

appears on the the duo’s third label. they’re on a country kick with “Carroll Country Accident”

a No.1country hit in the US for Porter Wagoner. It’s delivered in a two harmony country jaunt

as is the Laurie Allen penned flip…RCA 101870   Go-Set Vol.4 No.44 November 1 1969



 (45)   1970.. Through The Eyes of Love/Trouble On The Turnpike (Fable FB025)


 (45)    1970.. Through The Eyes of Love/Trouble On The Turnpike (RCA 11894


No.3.. 3DB charts                     January 1971

No.4   3UZ Top Top 40               January 1971

No.24. Go-Set National Top 60   January 1971  Go-Set!! Vol.6 No.6 February 6 1971


 # Bobby & Laurie are obviously doing today what they’d always wanted to do in the past but

didn’t feel they could..” Through The Eyes Of Love” is an interesting swirling country ballad which

 seems to have a sense of purpose, a directness, nothing really outstanding though, however it’s

 been done, flip by Roger Miller sounds like Roger Miller.  Go-Set!! Vol5. No.20 May 16 1970


Available for loan from The State library of South Australia


 (45)     1971.. I’m Gonna Be A Wheel Someday/The Train Of Love. (Fable FB073)


Available for loan from The National Library

&     The State Library of South Australia




Laurie Allen & The Blue Jays


  (45)    1962..Wolfman/Kept A Broken Heart In Broken Hill (Crest CRS7003)


  (45)    1964..Moari’s Farewell/Everybody Loves Saturday Night (Crest)


 (LP)  1962.. The Blue Jays listed as The Arthur Murray Twist Party (CrestLP CRT 12-002

     Lets Twist Again,What’d I Say,The Monster,Peppermint Twist,MamaDon’t Wait,Long Pony Tail,Do The Twist Some More,Dance With A Dolly, Old Spinning Wheel Twist, Early In The Morning, Shakin’ All Over,Buckeye,Ballin’The Jack,Twist.


  (CD) 2004  Shake, Rattle and Roll  Australia’s Crest 1961-1964 (Canetoad)

     Wolfman, I Left My Heart In broken Hill, The Monster, TWIST,Lets Twist Again, Do The Twist Again



Singles By Laurie Allen


 (45)  1976..  Musical Chairs/Me and Jack Daniels ( Festival)



Music By The Laurie Allen Revue.


 (45)     1968.. Any Little Bit/Cool Jerk.


No.11..  GO-SET Aus.Top 40    May1968.

No..14   GO-SET Aus.Top 40   June 1968.


       # Stan Rofe’s 1968 Review (so far)

   No.3…Any Little Bit…. Laurie Allen Revue  Seven weeks on Top 40 reached No.16 

                                                                                  Go-Set Vol.3..No29 July 17 1968


 (45)    1968.. Saved/Beautiful Brown Eyes.


 (45)   1968.. As Long As I got You/Not Born To Follow. (Fest.FK2421)


        #  New Records… “As Long As I Got You” Laurie Allen Revue..Festival

          Now that Laurie and the Revue have parted ways this has no chance of success. Australian records depends on

          personal promotion.  It’s a pity this group has broken up because their line-up was particularly refreshing in the

          local scene, as shown on this disc. One side has a female lead while the other side “not Born To Follow” Laurie

          sings the strange lyric line. it would have needed a bit of air-play.        

                                                                                    Go-Set!! Vol.3 No.30 July 24 1968

(CD) Compilation..Bandstands Singing Sweethearts.

      As Long As I Got You…


Music By Bobby Bright

(45)   1963.. Girls Never Notice Me/Theres A Great Day Comin.


(45)    1963.. You Won’t Get A Chance/Defeated By His Hearts (W&G.


(45)    1966.. Midnight Preaching/Would You Believe, Love.(CBS. BA221426)


(45)  1973.. It Ain’t Changed None/20th Century Food Dispensary (Sparmac)


                #    Bobby Bright is a success in Melbourne,  Bobby Bright, Adelaide boy who

               Has “done well” since he has been in Melbourne, recently signed a three

               Year contract to W&G Records…His first single released last week consists

              Of a track taken from Tommy Roe’s last album entitled “ There’s A Great Day

              A Comin” and the other side, his own composition with a country and western

               Feelin “ Girls Never Notice me”…Melbourne says that the Tommy Roe

               Composition will be the “A” side whereas   I feel that the flip will show up big

               In this State. It’s uptempo country and western with the title suggesting the

               Story. Bobby who is 19 has a great career in front of him if he continues to

              Perform with all the “action” that has made him such a popular figure in

              South Australia… (All he needs is a haircut.)

                                                                   Young Modern..April 8 1963


(LP)    1975..Bobby Bright..,(RCA0119)  

                                                         # (listed In The South Australian Government Gazette

                                                                     22/3/2001 Page 6 Sound recording

                                                                                                 Sydney RCA VPL-0119-G)


(CD)   Song Duet with Lil Fi   CD called Magic Door by Lil Fi

              Uneasy Like Me


(CD)       A Magical Mystery Tour … Compilation, Bobby Bright & Penny Arcade.

              Do What You Gotta Do   


EP’s By Bobby & Laurie


 (EP)   1965.. I Belong With You. (GO!!GEP 1001)

       I BelongWith You/Glory Of Love/Hold Me/Goodnight Irene .


          # Bobby & Laurie followed up their debut 45 with three more GO! Singles (Someone, Judy Green,

             and Crazy Country Hop) and whilst all made Top5 in Melbourne, Interstate success was limited,

             the duo subsequently shifted to EMI and in 1966 achieved national NO.1 status with Hitchhiker

             following that up with another strong “Best’ LP……

                                               Dean Mittelhausen From The Vault  Vol.2 No.3 1990.


          # Bobby & Laurie’s “I Belong With You” was the GO! Labels debut EP release. It came out in mid

             1965 to cash in on the extraordinary popularity of the duo at the time. The EP sold well on the

             strength of the inclusion of the duo’s first hit but the most interesting aspect was that the remaining

             three tracks were never released on any other 45 or LP, making it quite attractive and collectable

             It’s not easy to find but the most common GO! EP.

                                              Dean Mittelhausen         From The Vault…Vol 2 No.3 1990.


  (EP)   1966..Hitchhiker. ( Parlophone GEP70031)

      Hitchhiker/Down In The Valley/Sweet & Tender Romance/You’ll Come Round.



                       Albums By Bobby & Laurie


(LP)    1965..Bobby and Laurie ( Go!! GOLP3001)

   Judy Green/I’m Not A Bad Guy/Mojo Queen/Lucky Me/She Don’t Know/Crazy Country Hop/

    I Belong With You/Ridin’ Hood/I Won’t Be Back/Give All Your Lovin’ To Me/I’ll Come Running To You/

    It Ain’t Fair.                        #  (Listed in The South Australian Government Gazette 22/3/2001

                                               Sound recording page 5.)


                  # Bobby & Laurie’s self titled, and exceptional debut LP from this wacky duo, lots of evidence

                  of their later tougher sound with obscure covers, great beat numbers plus six excellent

                  originals. A few of the tracks show quite a deal of country influence (as mentioned in FTV#1)

                  but this adds a strange sort of charm to them. It’s enough to say that almost all tracks work.

                  And the added bonus is that only five of these fourteen tracks appear on 45’s.

                                        Dean Mittelhausen          From The Vault… Vol.1….No.4 1988.



               #  Bobby & Laurie’s debut LP released in August 1965 was a real milestone in Australian

                   recording history, it was one of the first serious attempts at putting out a complete album

                   of new songs plus a few covers by any Australian artist. It was a very impressive album

                   featuring 6 original tunes plus a few obscure covers but generally it’s a great “best of” album

                   with many tracks not available on 45. Becoming harder to find these days.

                                          Dean Mittelhausen          From The Vault …Vol.2..No.3   1990



  (LP)     1966.. Hitchhiker. (Alberts/Parlophone PMCO7535/PMEO9438)

    No Next time/Jump Back/Sweet And Tender Romance/Not My Girl/Fallin’/You’ll Come ‘Round/

    Hitchhiker/Tonight When I come Home/Bless You/I’ve Learned/Down In The Valley/Trouble With A Woman.

                                        #    (Listed in The South Australian Government Gazette 22/3/2001

                                                  sound recording     Melb GLP 3001                                                        

                                                     Parlophone  Syd.PMCO-7535

                                                     Parlophone  Syd.PMCO 9438 )


                  #  Bobby & Laurie- Hitchhiker…. An Extremely tough album that is far as I’m concerned,

                      hands down, the best Australian LP to be released in the 60’s. Both Bright and Allen

                      are in fine voice and backing from The Rondells is exemplary. Doesn’t contain one duff

                      track though if I were pressed to pick one I’d go for the title track. Many stand out tracks.

                                         Dean Mittelhausen         From The Vault..Vol.1  No.4. 1988


                    # Reviews Of The Last Record….Hitchhiker  Bobby and Laurie  $2.50

                        Bobby and Laurie were an important part of the development of the Australian scene.

                       This  Album was the product of their second “period” the first being that with GO.

                       The songs themselves aren’t dated, (Saved Jump Back) but the basicness

                        and emptiness of the backing is not a bad buy if you want to mark time.

                      Parlophone, PME09438…   Go-Set Vol.4 no.32. August 9 1969.


(LP)     1967..Exposaic (Alberts/ParlophonePMCO7539)

   Every Second Day/I Do Not Lie/First Street Blues/High Noon/Long Black Veil/Johnny Lee Strange/

   My Sweet Bay-B/Just Dreaming/I have Been Told/Since Your Gone/Philosophy On A Phone Call.

               With A track called “ I Want Woman “ cut from the final recording


(LP)      The Best Of  Bobby and Laurie (Astor records)

   I Belong With You/Judy Green/Someone/I’m Not A Bad Guy/Trouble In Mind/You Got It Off me/

   Hold me/Crazy Country Hop/Hitchhiker/Sweet & Tender Romance/You’ll Come Round/Jump Back/

   No Next Time/Every Second Day/Carroll County Accident/Through The Eyes Of Love.


                    # There was an inevitability factor in Bobby Bright and Laurie Allen’s grasp for stardom,

                             obvious to all. Nobody who possesses their maniacal single-mindedness can ever fail

                             to realise an ambition. But whilst fame seemed certain, no soul could have predicted

                             their pivotal position in Australian beat recording of the 60’s, nor, as shall become evident,

                             their far-reaching influence.

                                               Glenn A Baker

                                                       ( part of liner for record Backcover.)


(LP)   1983..Jump Back (Raven RVLP11)

         I Belong With You/Judy green/Someone/I’m Not A Bad Guy/Trouble In Mind/You Got It Off Me/

         Give All Your Lovin’To Me/Mojo Queen(live)/Hold Me/Crazy Country Hop/Sweet & Tender Romance/

         You’ll Come ‘Round/Jump Back/No Next Time/Every Second Day/Hitchhiker.

                               Album conceived, compiled & designed by Glenn A. Baker


 (LP/CD)     1987/2000...The Very Best Of  Bobby and Laurie (J&B Records)

       Through The Eyes Of Love/Judy Green/I Belong With You/Carroll County Accident/Someone/

       Tobacco Road/When You Walk In The Room/Say Mama/Shout It/Devoted To You/Hitchhiker/

       Trouble In Mind/If I Didn’t Have A Dime/I Who Have Nothing/Been Through It Before/Hold Me/

       Midnight Bus/He’s Got You/Corina Corina/Love Hurts.


(CD)      2000 I Belong To You-Bobby & Laurie (Canetoad-009)  

      I Belong With You/Trouble In mind/Someone/You Are Gone/Judy Green/Mojo Queen/Crazy

       Country Hop/ It Ain’t Fair/I’m Not A bad Guy/Lucky Me/She Don’t Know/Riding Hood/I Won’t

        Be Back/Give All Your Lovin To Me/Strange Rain/You Got It Off Me/I’ll Come Running To

        You/Hold Me/Goodnight Irene/The Glory Of Love.

          Bonus Tracks By Laurie….Wolfman/I Left A Broken Heart In Broken Hill

          Bonus Tracks By Bobby….Girls Never Notice Me/There’s A Great Day A’Comin/Defeated

         By His Heart/You Won’t Get A Chance.

                                   #  Listed with Government “The ScreenSound Shop Catalogue”..Product Code 3051


 (CD)    Go/Hitchhiker 

      Not My Girl/Sweet And Tender Romance/Jump Back/No Next Time/it Ain’t Fair/I’ll Come Running

     To You/Crazy Country Hop/She Don’t Know/Lucky Me/Mojo Queen/I’m Not A Bad Guy/Judy

      Green/You Got It Off me/Every Second Day/Hold Me/Trouble In Mind/Someone Ain’t Right/Trouble

      With A Woman/Down In The Valley/ I’ve Learned/Bless You/Tonight

       When I come Home/Hitchhiker/You’ll Come Round/Fallin/Strange Rain/

     Give All Your Lovin To Me/I Won’t Be Back/Robin Hood/I Belong With You.


 (CD)   1997..Turning Point (JRM9702)…..    Now available from Wasteland Music Services

     Perfect Lover/Been Through It Before/Hey There/Tomorrow(Maybe Never)/Turning Point/

      Fields Of Athenry/Here I go Again/Hotter Out There/I Want To Be Free/Geraldine’s Thinking Of Galway/

      Distant Drums/Keep A’Knockin.


Thanks to Laurie’s dear loyal friend Wendy  for contributing these Lyrics



 (CD)    2001.. Bobby And Laurie..Canetoad.   

      Carroll County Accident/Hole In The Ground/Through The Eyes Of love/Trouble On The Turnpike/

       I’m Gonna Be A Wheel Someday/Aboard The Train of love.


& On Line   Starlite Records Online



Albums With Laurie Allen


 (LP)    1961..The Fabulous Blue Jays.


 (LP)     1962.. Arthur Murray’s Twist Party  (Crest)

          Do The Twist Some More/Twist/The Monster.


   #  Laurie Allen was a super casual fellow who floated through life on a

Cloud, nothing seemed to touch him. If you were interested in music

That was enough for him and you immediately had a special bond with

  Him. In fact I recall his motto at the time “Making music, not money”.

Dedication to Laurie by Marcus Herman of Crest Records

               Extract used by permission & taken from Greg Lynch’s  tribute to

Laurie Allen as featured in “Rock ‘n’ Roll News”.

Thanks Greg.


 (LP)    1972.. Once Upon A Song. (ATA)

Old Kentucky Home/(High)On A Ferris Wheel/Had To Leave her/Closing Of The Door/If I Need You/

Jumbo’s Saturday Afternoon Milk & Cookie Party/Sunshine On Your Face/Thru Childrens Eyes/Pais Do Do/

Raindrops Are Fallin’/See My Ruby Fall/Just History.

                              #  Festival Records have reissued the album by Laurie Allen called “Once Upon

                                   A  Song” on their budget label. The Album is quite good and contains tracks

                                  like “Had To Leave her”, “Old Kentucky Home”, “Jumbo’s Saturday Afternoon

                                  Cookie Party”,”Sunshine One Your Face.” and “just History”. All the songs on

                                  the album are Laurie’s own compositions and the backing is by the Joy Boys…

                                   .Our Kinda Country October 1974


(LP)    1976..Any Other Man. (ATA).

Sweet Becky Walker/Any Other man/Sweet Dreams/Little Country Church/Our Someday’s Almost On

The Rise/‘Till The Water Stops Runnin’/I Belong With You/Carroll County Accident/Daisy Hill/Cowboy Bar/

I’ll Always Love You/Take Me Home Country Roads.


 (LP)    1976..Truck Stop (ATA Records)

with Laurie Allen/Col Joye/Bob Purtell/Jim Cooper.


     Movin’ On/Truck Stop/Old Bob Burton/The Night That Andy McDonough Died/

     Drag ‘em Off The Interstate Sock It To  Em J.P. Blues/I Got Lost/Rollon Home/Get On Board My Wagon/

    Motivation’ Day/Six Days On The Road/Truckers Lullaby/15 Gears & 14 Wheels/Truckers Prayer/

    Tombstone Every Mile/Big Wheel Cannonball.


(LP) 1985.. The Garden for Australian Freedom From Hunger.                                

    A.side The Garden……………….words & Music by Allan Caswell

    B.side..One family World……….words & music by Slim Dusty


    Some of the artists…  Anne Kirkpatrick , Laurie Allen,Johnny Ashcroft, Bobby Bright, Allan Caswell, Smokey Dawson,Pat Drummond, Phil Emmanuel, Tommy Emmanuel, Jon English, Renee Geyer, Alan Hawking, Marc Hunter, Col Joye, Genni Kane, Roger Knox, Lawrie Minson, Mike McClellen, Nev Nicholls, Sharon O’Neill, Doug Parkinson, Gordon Parsons, Reg Poole, Bob Purtell, Ian Simpson, Alex Smith, Don Spencer, Jean Stafford, Judy Stone, John Swan(Swanee), Sand Williams ,Jan Kelly, Leanne Douglas, Mick Hamilton, Wayne Horsburgh, Karen Johns, Darcy Leyear, Reg Poole, Alex Smith, Terry Smith, Kathy Thomson.


(CD)   1997.. Me’N’Jack Daniels (Larrikin)

    Jackson’s Track/Pais Do Do/Had To Leave Her/Danielle/Saturday Cowboy Show/The Waltz King

      Of Texas/ Thru Children’s Eyes/Rockin’ Boogie Woogie Country Music Man/First Star On

       The Right/Raindrops/

    Me’n’Jack Daniels/Sayin Goodbye/Jumbo’s Saturday Afternoon Milk and Cookie Party/

     (High)On A Ferris Wheel/Closing Of The Door/’Owyergoin.

                                                        Available for  loan at The State Library New South Wales.

  (CD)    2001.. Nite Trane..(JRM Records)    Available from Wasteland Music Services

with Laurie Allen/Bernie O’Brien/Pete Hayes/Harold Frith.

   Rockabilly Beatin Boogie Band/Closing Of The Door/Born For The Nightlife/Jackson’s Track/Pain Of Love/


   Nite Trane/The Nite & The Lady/Everything To Me/Wild Turkey/Melody Of The Drum/Open Heart Surgery/

   Spirit Of True Rock ‘N’ Roll.

 (CD)   2003..One Last Round( LBW Productions)Available from Wasteland Music Services

On-Line CD Order/Song Download


   Truckies Lullaby/Honky Tonk Women/Where Are You Gene/Rockabilly Beatin’Boogie/Danielle/

   Dance Hall Ladies/ Sweet Dreams & Memories/Bun Wagon/Had To Leave Her/Polly/So Long Ago/

   Down South In New Orleans I Walk The Line/Maybe Baby/Guitar Band/The For Buck’N’Me Polka/

   All Night Long (LBW Theme).


   (CD)  2003.. Rockin (LBW Productions)   Available from Wasteland Music Services

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1.Rockabilly Beatin Boogie Band.2.The Endless Sleep.3.Hats Off To Larry.4. Mountain of Love.5. Dream Lover. 6.Memphis Tennessee. 7. Sam Cooke Medley. 8 That’s Alright Mama.9.No Particular Place To Go.10. All Night Long (LBW Theme) 11.Sixteen Candles. 12. Venus.13.Guitar Boogie.14.Don’t Tell Me Your Troubles 15. Not Fade Away.16.Walkin’ In The Rain.


    (CD)  2003 .. All Night Long.(LBW Productions)  Available from Wasteland Music Services

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 1 MotivatinDay  2 The Night & The Lady 3 Long Ago & Far Away 4 Had To Leave Her. 5 Me & The Dog  6 Am I The One (Vocal By Warren Keats ) 7 The FerBuck’N’Me Polka  8 Swaggin  9 All Night Long ( LBW Theme)  10 Annie Johnstone  11 A Cowboys Tears  12 Born For The Nightlife 13 Dancehall Ladies.



(CD) 2010… The Cowboy Album……. Unleased produced by Warren Keats at Wasteland Studio

The Cowboy Bar. Any Other Man. Swaggin. Jimmy Brown. What A Man Is. The Newsboys Message. Away In The Western Lands. I’ll Always Love You. Pistol Packin Mama. Don’t Make Me Go To Bed. Rusty It’s Goodbye. Letter Edged In Black. Little Red Bonnet. The Orphan Boy. The Luggage Van Ahead. My Daddy Is Only A Picture. Old Ship Of Mine. Bringing Mary Home. Days Of Old Khancoban. Where The Lazy Murray River Rolls Along. Back To The Old Cariboo.  Missing In Action. Black Sheep. Take It Back (& change it Fot A Boy ). Suvla Bay. The Tramps Mother. The Overlander Trail. Mothers Lullaby. Ragtime Cowboy Joe. Campfire Of Dreams.  Sioux City Sue. Down The Trail Of Aching Hearts. Springtime In The Rockies. Bridle Hanging On The Wall. Lets Pretend. I won’t Go Hunting With You Jake. The Cowboys Lullaby.


This CD of 37 tracks was produced by Warren Waza Keats at his Wasteland Studio, most music done by Waza himself from the masters of the songs Laurie started but never finished,  this cd was produced  as a tribute to Laurie and the music he loved. Although this CD is not for sale, all songs are up on my Youtube Page ) Laurie’s fans and the people who appreciated his music and for those who appreciate good old country music to listen to, selected music presenters here in Australia and overseas have also been given a copy to play…. So please visit my youtube page   and enjoy the  music of Laurie Allen and Warren ( Waza) Keats.



 (LP)   1967.. Go!! Hitmakers  Vol.2   .. (GoLabel GLP3003)

        The Cherokees, Billy Adams,The Henchmen and Bobby & Laurie.

         Bobby & Laurie songs- Someone Ain’t Right/Trouble In Mind.

(LP)(RtoR)  GO!! Hitmakers Vol.3 … ( Astor AMT 5045)

           Someone Ain’t Right/Trouble In Mind.

(RtoR)  GO!! Hitmakers   (Astor AMT 5059)

            Crazy Country Hop

  (LP)  The Go!!/Scope Labels…Vol.2  (Canetoad CTLP-015)

             You Are Gone

 (LP)   Rock N Roll Gold… 1970-79

         Through The Eyes Of Love

          Carroll County Accident

(LP)   1975 .. Pop Goes Australia(Hammond HAM 001)

         Carroll Country Accident  & Through The Eyes Of Love

 (LP) (CD)  Devils Children. Vol3…(Rum+Beer Records)


 (LP)   The Swinging Sixties..Record 5 1966-1967

           Hitch Hiker

 (LP)    1979...20 Great Australian Hits (Fable)

         Through The Eyes Of Love/Carroll County Accident.

 (LP)     1984 Made In Australia (Fable AX701524) 

          Carroll County Accident.

 (LP)    1980’s Songs Of Psychedelic…2 record set. (TMAK 068-1/2)

           Every Second Day

 (LP)   Love Songs Of The Rock’N’Roll Era   1980-89

            Hitch Hiker

 (LP)   Albert Archives- Best Kept Secret  (AP-LP037/1979)

             Every Second Day

 (LP)   1989    Oz Rock Classics 1961-68…(Roxon X08)

             I Belong With You/Trouble In Mind

 (CD)   Albert Archives  (Cat.No. 465395  2 )

            Every Second Day

 (CD)   1992… Their Music Goes ‘Round our Heads (GAB)  2CD set.

            You Got It Off Me.. Disc1

 (CD)  1994… Larrikin Country Singles..CD LRP 334  Larrikin Music

             Me ‘N’ Jack Daniels

 (CD)   1996… Made In Australia  1970-79..Cat.No.72438148421 2 CD set.

Carroll County Accident/Through The Eyes Of Love

(CD)…     Made In AustraliaCat.No EMI 814848-2    2 CD set.

             Carroll Country Accident/Through The Eyes Of Love

(CD)    1998…  Essential Sixties..(EMI Cat#8238242)   


 (CD)    Sixties DownUnder Vol 1.  Various Artists (Raven) 

              I Belong With You.

 (CD)    A Forest Of Gold Tops   (GCD-1001)

Every Second Day 

 (CD)    Sixties Downunder  Vol 2.

              I Belong With You

(CD)   Sixties Downunder Vol.3 Various Artists (Raven)

             Someone/Judy Green

(CD)   Sixties Downunder Vol.4 Various Artists (Raven)


(CD)    Complete 60’s…Various Artists..5CD set.


(CD)        The Sixties Vol.5


 (CD)    Elite Country…. 5CD Box Set. Cat. No R00 81

              Through The Eyes Of Love….Disc2/ Carroll County Accident …Disc5

                               Sighted at:  Gum Tree Music       On Line      Website:  GumTree Music  

 (CD)    Australian Country Collection..(Axis)

            Carroll County Accident/Through The Eyes Of love.

 (CD)    Aussie Bloke ..2CD set..Truck Driving Songs

               Trouble On The Turnpike

                                                Sighted at  website:  

 (CD)    1999  Australia’s Hall of Fame  Readers Digest 0350842  (4 Discs)

                Hitch Hiker   Disc 3

(CD)    2000 Bandstands Singing Sweethearts …D46097 Festival/Spin (2discs)

                Popular Music 1961-1970

               As Long As I Got You… The Laurie Allen Revue  (Disc 2)

                                            Available for loan from The State Library of new South Wales

                                            Sighted at: Sanity Stores

 (CD)   2002- Australian Music Beat Scene… CD001    

            You Are Gone

                    Sighted at    Starlite Online  Starlite Online

 (LP)   2002 Pretty Ugly  cat.No. Lost066  

           I Belong With You

 (CD)    2003 Country Greats 10 cd Box Set

            Carroll County Accident Disc.1./Through The Eyes Of love Disc.5.

 (CD)   Country Great. Vol.5

            Through The Eyes of Love

 (CD)  Country Classics  Cat. No. 814720 2  5cd Box Set

                Carroll County Accident

               Sighted online at Gum Tree Music  Online Shop GumTree Music

 (CD)   2004  Country Complete  5 cd Box Set

             Carroll County Accident

                Sighted at  website: Sanity

  (CD)    All The Aussies  3 CD set  Warner

Hitch hiker    

  (CD)   Soundabout Australia  Australian Pop and Rock and Roll 1955-1987…2 cds   (AH3 08-2cds)

              I Belong With You

  (CD)   Good Times…30 years Of Australian Rock ‘N’ Roll….2cd set.

              HitchHiker      Disc1.

                                       information from  website: Timewarp

  (CD)    Australian Pop and Rock 1958-1987  (AHS 08-2cds) Soundabout Australia

               I Belong With You

  (CD)    The Great Australian Country 3CDset    Various Artists

                Carroll County Accident CD1/Through The Eyes Of Love CD2 

                Sighted at:    website: dstore

  (CD)    Good Old Aussie Country..  Rajon Music……..Various Artists.

                Carroll County Accident/Through The Eyes Of  Love.

                    Sighted at:website: Country Music Shack.

 (CD)  A Magical Mystery Tour 1967-71   CD-028           

               Bobby Bright and Penny Arcade (“Do What You Gotta Do”)

                   Sighted at:    website:  Starlite Online

 (CD)…Triple Value Sixties..Red X Entertainment,,

              Carroll Country Accident.

 (CD)   2004  Running In The Shadow..Oz Rock Rarities 1983-1994 .  Various artists

              The Garden

                    available from   ScreenSound Australia, The National Screen and Sound Archive.

website:  ScreenSound Australia

 (CD)  2004. Friday On My Mind  2CD   …Festival/Mushroom     Release date November 2004

                I Belong With You

                                          Sighted at:   website:  Australian Music Online

 (CD)    60’s A Decade Of Classic Australian Hits. (336692 FMR)

                 Hitch Hiker     Disc1

 (CD)….World Beaters

Not My Girl