Bonnie’s Laurie Allen Tribute



Bobby & Laurie  Photo Gallery


Some of these photos have been snagged from  video clips in my collection,  the clips can be found on my YouTube page 

Other photos are from my collection and collections from other people who were kind enough to send to me, for this I thank them, photos will be changed occasionally.…

 enjoy the memories
































Thank you to Jack Seymour for these photos.

( PJ Proby Concert in Sydney)





Normie Rowe, Bobby & Laurie, Johnny Young, Ross D’Wylie,Denise Drysdale,Peter Doyle, Buddy England, Daryl Cotton  Melbourne Telethon/Variety Reunion




Bobby & Laurie    Melbourne Telethon

I would like to thank Gwyneth from Wales (Peter Doyle Webpage) for sending these photos to me, taken from a film clip of Go Show artists at a Telethon here in Melbourne in 1986…     thanks Gwyneth.










Dig We Must

Thank you to Judy Jacques for sending the photo with Bobby & Laurie, Normie Rowe and Judy Jacques.